KeyScrambler Personal

by QFXsoftware

Free-to-use software that obfuscates your passwords as you type them

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: QFXsoftware

Release: KeyScrambler Personal 3.12.01

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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KeyScrambler is free-to-To prevent keylogging from stealing your login information, remove a keylogger program you use to obfuscate your passwords whenever you type them in. As the first fully-functional keystroke capture device, it was launched in 2006.For most of that period of time, the company has consistently outranked its competitors in encryption products.


  • The document is encrypted and is then sent to popular web browsers. A live encryption method makes it so that information is always safe on the Internet.
  • Anti-spam program keeps it up-to-date.keystroke profiling feature. Information you provide will only be read by the snoopers, not the phone call logs.
  • Encrypts text entered into many of your favorite apps
  • Automatic updates ensure you are protected against the most recent threats

If you want to ensure you and your family's online security, then KeyScrambler may be the tool you need. You may also choose between Personal, Professional, or an Alternative that meets your needs.

You get to see KeyScrambler work live and in realtime.

KeyScrambler currently boasts over a million users within 217 countries, including Germany, UK, France, and Italy, who are a testament to its effectiveness. In addition, many security experts globally have written encouraging reviews about it in the past, including in respected publications like BBC News and Download.The following sites offer information:, CNET, and more.

Among other things, KeyScrambler Personal comes with browser encryption in an optional cost of $60.This type of behavior does not apply to browsers or antivirus products.keystroke profiling.

The Professional edition comes with all the Personal package options but in addition, will encrypt text entered into many apps and will automatically update.

In addition to apps, the Premium package offers encryption for numerous business programs. Additional advanced security measures are also available.

Software does not require a lot of space on a single computer, and is easily installed on multiple systems - only a size is required for one file.5mb.

A key security solution that prevents hackers and threats from gaining access to sensitive information. Each and every computer needs to have this component. This is a very busy time of year when it comes to remembering passwords to social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube. There is no better method of protecting an area than with customized security systems.
A product like this one, which obfuscates your password whenever you enter it, is the most essential product you need. This makes things difficult to steal. Hackers will be unable to comprehend what you have written in order to steal your password.
With our Key Scrambler, you can protect your personal details. One can make sure that they aren't going to see what their personal details contain and feel a sense of security knowing nobody is going to be able to gain access to them. I believe that this should be used to a considerable extent.
Charlie Hash
KeyScrambler is great. Having something that prevents me from browsing online makes the process that much more enjoyable. I especially like that I'm protected not only in browsers, but in programs, games, and even nearly all the applications I use from home. Would definitely recommend.
Unlike Anti-virus or Anti-Keyscrambler Personal is a free, highly effective way to stop keyloggers from stealing any text if they come into contact with it. Key strokes are encrypted as you type and then decrypted when they are found in your browser via the app. Installing and taking down the program without understanding any details about it is the best thing to do. Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer are among the more than sixty browsers that can be combined with Keyscrambler.
You can use KeyScrambler Personal for Windows to secure keys in real-time, allowing users to encrypt keystrokes in seconds. You can use these programs to manage your bank, credit card, search terms, email, and other e-mail accounts using the web. It's important for us to invest in this software to keep cyber threats at bay. If a keylogger gets in the way of warming your account, KeyScrambler Personal for Windows will jumble meaningless characters so that it cannot break it. Keep in touch with your personal data in KeyScrambler Personal for Windows and enjoy peace of mind.
It's the best anti-depressant I've ever used.My past experiences have given me hints about keylogging software. The system works for me quite well at work; I have not encountered any major problems so far. There is no confusion in the user interface, and instructions are clear. Furthermore, Zoom can be added at no charge, since I have been using it quite a bit. Basically, it's a good experience overall.
I no longer have hope any time soon- Life now is worrying-free! Simple and easy to use, and it allows you to encrypt files in real-time.Additionally, it is free in the personal version : No one can tell me whether or not I was ever free of this. Also, I will upgrade to pro to make sure I protect my devices and to make sure I'm taking preventive measures.
All data entered into a browser is encrypted with KeyScrambler Private, a free version of the service. Uses real-With a time encryption method and antivirus protections t work even on virus-infected computers. Chrome and other versions of the browser can encrypt data using this app, which is perhaps one of the best tools for this purpose. You can do your best to utilize this app as a browser extension. The application has an easy-to-use interface, is user-friendly, and functions all right.
A KeyScrambler for Windows might be something you need if you want your privacy to remain anonymous, or you need it for business security. It offers real-Using Microsoft Windows operating systems to time scramble (or secure the key strokes from the PC). The idea is to have another program read a message on your PC using your PC without seeing any text as they attempt to intercept it. With the Personal version of this app, you can enjoy all the functionality of this service free of charge.
encrypt data across more than 60 different browsers, helping people with security worries. Every piece of data is protected under encryption, so a new user will not face any security risks. Windows is designed to run smoothly using the program. Find out how it's designed by the design team and what new features it brings.
By using KeyScrambler Personal, you will be able to encrypt your keystrokes in a more convenient manner and encrypt every one individually. I'm a fan of the system!! long as I have been around it! One of the cool products is Keyscrambler. Whether you're a tennis player or cyclist, Keyscrambler will fit your style. It is also such a powerful tool. Exactly like I do! When searching for something of such complexity, you do not need an Einstein pen.
A new feature on Windows -- KeyScamler Personal -- is designed to counteract keylogger attacks. Essentially, this program encrypting keystrokes on the kernel and decrypting them at destination computer stores. The hacker will only hear encryption keystrokes if they have made their way through your firewall and virus protection. For all of the useless data he receives after this is hacked, he or she will also lose your username information. encryption via the system's intuitive interface to allow you to see how much is encryption; however, you can disable it whenever necessary. It works with a majority of security programs, but only Windows 2000, 2003, XP, and Windows 7 can be supported.
It is so frightening to me that cyber security occurs. I have peace of mind thanks to KeyScrambler Personal for Windows. This tool secures my browser's keystrokes against identity theft by encrypting my keystrokes. A security tier above what's available now gives me further protection. In any case, I do not want the data of my username, passwords, credit card, and other personal details to be stolen. The data I protect with this software is secure. Thank goodness.
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