by KeyLemon S.A.

Allows your devices to recognize your face instead of using a traditional password

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: KeyLemon S.A.

Release: KeyLemon 2.7.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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KeyLemon is a software program that offers a key feature in securing your devices, be it PC, tablet or laptop. It is able to accomplish this by ditching the traditional password being a set of numbers, symbols, and capitalization by using a new technology that is able to recognize your face and unlock your device.

A key feature that KeyLemon boasts is the ability to remember your face for all your log-A simple search at ins will allow you to type much faster, as opposed to typing a long arduous phrase every time and scanning your face every time you try. Among keylemon's biggest pluses is that it comes free from your cell provider. Downloading the official version of the software for free is not required, which appears to be a good exercise in spreading awareness and keeping them updated with new software or updates. Inability to remember passwords is one of the major drawbacks of KeyLemon, so it offers assistance not only for elderly consumers by not having to manage passwords, but also for young people by simply identifying themselves and remembering the data they are using at all times. With more than a decade of experience in this type of technology, the KeyLemon development team includes several cybersecurity specialists.

Because KeyLemon is the focus of the company, you can always expect it to work effectively, and to be an automatic program that has long term value that could also be passed on to friends needing their information more securely. Besides being an extremely convenient tool without any requirements on a computer, KeyLemon works with almost any Windows OS you need as well as any Mac OS you want.

With KeyLemon, you do not have to remember long passwords, because your face is your password.

In summary, KeyLemon provides a leap in security for your devices using your face as a password instead of traditional numerics, which mean you can be sure the only one who has access to your information, is you yourself.

KeyLemon 1.2.3 (1.8 MB)
KeyLemon 2.7.1 (44.14 MB)
Rebecca Johnson
There are a lot of passwords I forget. Many of them are incredibly hard to forget if not used often. With this product, your saved password can be signed in by using your face. The technology is very beneficial. The majority of them should not have to worry about accounts being locked down.
With KeyLemon you can eliminate the typical methods people take to protect their devices from theft and security. Facial recognition was first used for phones, but KeyLemon is enabling your home PC to recognize your face with its facial recognition system! There are versions for Windows as well as for Mac OS X. will make it remain around as long as it is offered!!
It has always been frustrating to log in my things with lengthy passwords. I feel great thanks to this program, which makes my life so easy.
is an award-winning recognition program for Windows that runs entirely on a free download basis. Using facial recognition, you are logged into your account by default to secure it, which prevents others from gaining access. The program is even ideal for Mac users. The instructions are quite simple to understand and use. These programs take account of the different accounts a user interacts with when using a device more than one time.
Matthew Jorgenson
Using a computer with several users on the same computer can increase the risk of your personal security. The fact that the data kept may be tailored for a certain user will make this a perfect decision for any situation. Also, you'll need to sign in to your account just by your face. You also get the option of locking anytime you leave the computer in case you are left behind as well.
Using KeyLemon gives you the capability of exploring new areas with your eyes, although it isn't particularly appealing to Windows users. You can log in to a Windows account using just your face just like using a smartphone with this software. The software automatically logs you into the account you are authorized to access, so security is ensured even when you have multiple users. In this way, when your face changes, instead of appearing a stranger, you still log in into your account and are able to see you. With LastPass you don't have to type passwords regularly as your data grows and its file size is small.
By using KeyLemon for Windows you can increase the security of your device because it will recognize your face to grant access to the services which are available on the operating system.
My face can open my computer. This works with a Windows computer. The keyLemon client, downloaded for Windows, made the world of difference for me. Your password isn't lost, and you can easily create a face model by downloading the software and downloading it. Once this is done, it locks when I get to the front of my computer, so I can log in whenever I see it. We live in such a simpler world with KeyLemon. I cannot leave my computer automatically when I wake up. Talk about security.
KeyLemon does not take a long time to install, and you can get things up and running right away. If you connect to KeyLemon after the installation, your face will be recorded with your camera, enabling the app to verify your identity the next time you log in. After careful consideration, it has yet to become worthwhile for you to switch from your conventional type of password system.
In some cases, KeyLemon integrates with facial and speech recognition systems so that we can easily log into our systems or our personal accounts. Downloading and installing it is easy. Easy setup as well. Our time for typing passwords to login is reduced to a limited degree due to this feature. The software detects your facial and vocal movements with the help of microphones and cameras.
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