Key Remapper


If you have a lot of keys, redrawing your keys is definitely worth the effort.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ATNSOFT

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Key Remapper is an application for overriding keyboard keys and mouse buttons. the user may modify function of the keys, like activating CapsLock or switching between key and mouse buttons in accordance with their function. On top of that, you can also change the background setting of the shortcut (*clicking on the left and right Ctrls) or the volume setting ([clicking on the keyboard], in other words). In some applications, we may use a combination of modifying and blocking mouse and keyboard buttons (block buttons and limit effects), as well as varying between profiles so it does not take forever to switch settings.

The software has been beneficial for me since I was planning to replace an abundance of faulty keys with an abundance of useless ones. As for playing many different games, I found that it was incredibly similar to the way I handled macros in my games.
It's great software to work with. My productivity has improved and I have been able to spend more time with my family. Working from home is important for me, so I take this very seriously. I expected it to work just fine.
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