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A great app to keep your phone secure from data thieves

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Keepsafe Software

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Keepsafe is a mobile VPN that offers excellent protection while not being intrusive. One key benefit of Keepsafe is the Keepsafe Photo Vault, which ensures no one will ever see your photos saved on your device, and keeps it safe from both grandma and hackers alike!


  • Photo Vault - Keeping images safe tsafe Photo Vault - Keepsafe Photo Vault - Your photos are secure when they are encrypted. You only get the look at them after you give them away. They are only accessible via thumbprint ID or PIN code
  • Keepsafe App Lock - also makes sure no one else can access your apps, as well as keeps your messages private
  • Auto-connect protection - Automatically disables incoming connections to untrustworthy websites or untrusted connections
  • Safeguard passwords - Keepsafe obfuscates your data on your phone from outside sources, preventing hackers or data miners from accessing your information, or your phone number
  • Private Cloud - It features Keepsafe's online storage, so it lets you store up to 5,000 items in your online storage account, so you can keep pictures, videos, photos, and even medical records.

I find this software notable mainly because of its user-friendliness. It stays out of your way, which is contrary to many competitor products, and provides increased safety and protection. By default, a combination of cipher AES- and protection, it blocks you from being targeted with malware or tracking your GPS in situations involving stalkers or unauthorized persons.KeepingSafe secure can be accomplished using 256 encryption - the same method as military.grade applications do.

Can you find photos of risky things uposed on your phone? Keepsafe Photo Vault helps you make sure only you will ever see them

All in all, I find this to be one of the top, if not THE best protection software on the market. You'll only have to worry about your privacy thanks to its speed, ease of use, and fast connection. There are many advanced features built into Keepsafe that not many other privacy apps have, such as the Photo Vault. For me, that came first, since I have a bunch of very dangerous pictures on my phone. Get this incredible app to avoid online drama later in the day.

KeepSafe sounds very good, I agree. There is something remarkable about how well this product performs all at once. If KeepSafe is at or just below what I pay, I can try it. Several security apps promise a number of things, but KeepSafe seems to make the mark when it comes to keeping your data safe.
The options for privacy apps are many for those looking for an easier way to safeguard their privacy and online experience. Due to the ubiquity of everything nowadays, such information can remain safe and secure if accessed by just one. As far as I can tell, it has a very solid platform to do so, as well as being quite enjoyable at times.
I strongly recommend KeepSafe software. As a client experience firm with a support team that speaks a wide range of languages, from Turkish to Italian, the customer experience team is already unmatched. You need a very advanced system, especially for a free program with military components.Also being able to access secure private information and having back-up.The encryption layer can now be increased to multiple dimensions. A bonus feature, but one that has been a priority of KeepSafe and is of special interest to advertisers, is that the employees aren't able to access the data. Keeping us safe is of increasing importance in a constantly changing internet world, so KeepSafe protects us with reliable software.
As soon as I install KeepSafe, it's made my files feel secure for the first time in a long time. They're virtually undetectable. Additionally, having access to cloud storage gives me the feeling I won't lose any files when using it. For paying the fee to become a paid user, I found the themes highly enjoyable and my large files needed more storage.
You can securely hide your private photos using KeepSafe. They must be used only with a passcode. They cannot be stolen or used by unsolicited organizations. Security has always been a priority, and today privacy is considered as well. Each age group around the world will be able to benefit from it.
With KeepSafe for Windows, you are empowered to protect your online and private files, such as your photos, videos, data and any private files important to you, which can be downloaded for free. With so many phishing scams to look forward to today, I believe you can trust this app to protect your data, which might otherwise fall into the hands of criminals. During installation, KeepSafe allows you access to their app with a pin code or fingerprint touch ID, which means it is both secure and easy to use. The app also provides the ability to retrieve data upon an unsuccessful loss of your device; you can do so on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.
Windows devices can be used to keep private, private photos and videos, using KeepSafe. This photo hider does not just come from any manufacturer, it's proprietary, created by a very reliable company named Microsoft. This application is a hundred percent better than other applications.
You can create your own privacy folders using KeepSafe software, where you will keep photos, videos, voice recordings and other private information about yourself. It's like a gallery program from Google Play, complete with all types of photo editing.
All of your private info is stored with KeepSafe for Windows but only you can see important photos or information. In addition to being able to lock down all the information at all times using PIN authentication methods, such as fingerprint, pattern, and more, your files will also be password protected. As criminals continue to try to steal your info, it's no big deal, the more you can keep your info secure, and the less problems you can expect for the future if it's secured properly.
Keeping your privacy in mind seems to be at the core of the Keepsafe Company. For one, I have to be appreciative in a company and as well surprised that there are actually smaller companies like this. They appear credible in their claims thanks to their extensive research and their understanding of the field. I'd definitely recommend this firm to anyone.
You can use Keepsafe Photo Vault to securely store photos and videos of your photos. It can only be run with an Android emulator since it's a Android app. This app allows you to store videos and photos in the gallery, sync photos across devices, secure and protect important photos, videos, and documents with password-protected backup.
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