Kaspersky Password Manager

by Kaspersky Lab

A new computer operating system should be configured with passwords and codes.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Kaspersky Lab

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Kaspersky Password Manager is a mandatory tool for every active Internet user. eliminates the necessity for the user to type passwords or remember all their existing passwords. It enables the user to enter his passwords and other data on a web form by automates the typing process.

When using Kaspersky Password Manager, you can be sure of your security, because all confidential data is encrypted and stored in a special database on your computer. A trial period of up to three months is available for the program.

- fast authorization. With Kaspersky Password Manager, it is fast and easy to remember users' names and passwords when entering them online on some sites so they automatically become password-protected when they enter them again online. In addition to logins and password entry, Kaspersky Password Manager uses other software applications to do so.

- Maintains secure passwords and other data. This password manager includes an encrypted database in which all your personal information is stored. The password storage can only be accessed with the wizard password or directly by logging in again with a different password. Defending passwords prevents unauthorized access to them;

- Using a few different methods may enhance password protections. The Password Manager at Kaspersky is a convenient, secure, and reliable tool for accessing the database. You can use the wizard password, or connect your mobile device to USB or Bluetooth as needed. To make your phone's Bluetooth functionality work, you have to set up passwords that can be viewed while your phone's connected to a computer. Take your phone with you if you leave the location and you'll be blocked from using the database.

- Generating strong passwords. It is not uncommon for users to ed passwords for different accounts, or passwords that are very similar. They are of little assistance in securing passwords since they are highly vulnerable. Cybercriminals can therefore access multiple accounts at the same time by cracking the same password. By using Kaspersky Password Manager's password generator, you're able to create exceptional passwords so that no one can steal your data.

- Form filling that is automatically filled out by any company. It is not uncommon to find websites requiring you to enter certain information, which may include name, surname, birth date, gender, etc; but you can enable Kaspersky Password Manager if you already entered your important information.

- Using Kaspersky Password Manager may also help you in managing your multiple account. Once you encounter these kinds of problems, you can either set up the password or create a one-size-fits-all service.

- A database backup is created automatically. With Kaspersky Password Manager, the database is automatically recoded when any of the passwords is broken or modified.

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