Kali Linux

by Offensive Security

program to enable you to ly to run open-source penetration testing

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Offensive Security

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Kali Linux is an operating system (OS) based on Debian, Knoppix and BackTrack distributions. With its inception, developers set out to create an application and web resource testing environment that was convenient for checking applications and web resources.

Kali Linux distribution includes a large number of pre-There are various software applications users can install to ensure that they are keeping their personal data and service quality. Traffic Analyzers, port scanners, modern browsers, network attackers, reverse engineering, password recovery, and malware patch downloads are just a few examples. Cyber criminals pose a threat when they commit their crimes online in the hands of professional analysts. They are powerful tools at their disposal that counteract this danger. The OS configuration allows multiple ways to block unauthorized access and infection as it pertains to systems. In default mode, only certain types of software packages can be built on an environment basis: Developers each package in order of appearance. Applications and software packages are downloaded to Debian through the repositories. You may be able to remove trusted repositories from the trust list without reducing system security at all.

Operating systems such as Kali Linux are trusted by computer security researchers and forensic experts. You will not be able to obtain a website or program with compromised security, as well as the ability to protect against various cyberfrauders' breaches through its reliable protections.

- Tools for security testing and audits totaling 600;

- Free access to the operating system's source files for all individuals;

- To ensure compliance with the file system hierarchy standard, please go to "File System Hierarchy Standard"

- Injection protection;

- Different ARM devices can be supported;;

- If you wish to change the interface language in OS settings, you can do so.

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