by Kakao Corp

A free smartphone messenger that allows users to send and receive messages including photos and videos

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Kakao Corp

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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KakaoTalk is an easy-to-It is possible to send and receive animated emoticons and group conversations via a messenger service that supports voice-text communication. As far as I know, there is one major limitation with the program. it will not work without a user account created with the mobile version of KakaoTalk. Direct registration in Windows does not work.

In order to work with the desktop client, a security code is required within your account, so authorization is needed for start-up. Mobile applications can be customized by tapping on the code in the corresponding section.

Install the software very gently, without saying anything. Just tell us directly what the functionality is. A modern messenger like KakaoTalk allows the same activities: Create chat rooms, exchange files, and start your own channels by using Telegram or another similar software. Through this program, a fairly high level of personal privacy is guaranteed, as well as reliable algorithms that are available to encrypt the file while sent. An email address can be attached to up to ten files.

Client's desktop computers will be designed nearly to the same specifications as mobile computer designs. There are some ways for people not to use the regular shell: In the options menu, you can change the background of the chat, your favorite design color and the colors of your app's components as well.

With KakaoTalk for Windows, rather than push notifications, the tray-based interface is used.During Windows 10, your message will go up on the side curtain.

- Group chat rooms can be used; Group chats can be supported.

- Your account needs to be activated via your mobile application.

- voice calls;

- animated emoticons;

- Mass transfer of a file across a large area with multiple images; for files over ten in one message.

- the graphic shell to suit your needs;

- Synchronize your messages and friends list so that your messages and lists appear at the same time on your apps.

As I found in the software product section above, I believe that Kakao Talk is a fantastic way to network and chat. Videos are available instead of video chat software. With regards to facial communication, most people these days prefer to have face-to-face chats while communicating. software runs completely - that's the most important piece.With this app, you can use it on iOS, Android, and Blackberries. Any individual or company should use this feature since it is a fantastic way to add some enjoyment to their conversation.
My friends and family all over the world love me. For keeping in touch, we chose to utilize Kakao talk for windows. These mobile messenger services allow you to chat, talk, and use text messaging in real time. I love that the emoticons are so cute. We all are on board the boat. I've never used a more effective and convenient way. A bonus is that it is free. The product is very reliable as well. Since I bought it in the first place, I have not had any problems. It's nothing like chatting with friends whenever I want.
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