by Telerik

Software tool used for decompiling .NET assembly and recovering lost source code

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Telerik

Release: JustDecompile 2019.1.116.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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JustDecompile is a handy software tool that is used for decompiling .NET assembly. Source and assembly data can be recovered quickly from the end and an external bug can be identified. It is open-sourced. Thanks to its automatic loading, it becomes more versatile as the program matures.Support for major updates. It's usually updated three times a year.

JustDecompile is also a good tool that can be used to create and build Visual Studio from a decompiled assembly. In addition, if it has the feature of being able to quickly locate and navigate to particular parts of code within an assembly, the tool can also be used as an efficient source for extracting resources embedded in it. When all loaded assemblies are browsed, they are grouped by types, methods, or members. Your search queries will refresh as you type in the search form, which is dynamically embedded in the software. Also great about JustDecompile is its ability to do multiple things.System libraries will be loaded for all segments of a framework. To load a custom assembly list, users simply need to hit the mouse button and choose it. There are a variety of runtime environments, languages, and technologies supported.NET2, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 4.5.This page is organized around three types of applications, including Silverlight, APPX, WinRT, Winmd, C#, and VB applications.NET, MSIL.

As an added bonus, JustDecompile gives users the ability to drag and drop and modify any assemblies that they want in terms of shape and form. Whenever users click the "Assembly List" menu, a list of all existing assemblies can be viewed as well as new ones. You can also view code, used resources, values, and objects for each assembly in a JustDecompile download thanks to these additional features. Various Plug-The ins available to the extent of this feature- It is also possible to use these ins across a broader set of applications.Even more rich program included.

An Bulgarian company founded in 2002, Telerik, develops JustDecompile, which is an easy coder. The company was later acquired by Progress Software. Telerik offers a technical support forum for JustDecompile along with advice, tips, and tricks. In the forum there are also experienced users that can help users get rid of software issues with experience.

JustDecompile offers strong search method for quick locate coding errors and it supports multiple runtime environments and languages

  • Offers decompiling speed 10 times faster than the competition
  • Provide open API for everyone to create extensions
  • Supports multiple runtime environments, languages, and technologies: .NET 2, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 4.5.In addition to Silverlight, XAP, APPX, WinRT, Winmd, C# and VB.VB., there are APPX, WinRT, ADO and Winmd.NET, MSIL
  • Fast Navigation combine with quick search method to pinpoint coding errors
  • Integration within Windows Explorer for fast browsing and decompiling
  • Able to export code from command prompt directly.
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