Junk Files Remover

Remove unnecessary files from your computer

Operating system: Windows

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Junk Files Remover for Windows has been used by millions of PC users to remove excess files from their computers, thus freeing up space and improving computer functionality. In addition to manual and automatic file clearing options, this software comes with a setting that enables both manually and automatically deleting files.


  • The analysis program runs very quickly
  • Produces a report of removable files
  • Instantly subdivides removable files
  • Offers customizable notification options
  • The design is easy to understand, even for first-time users
  • Advanced settings including micro clearing
  • Offers both manual and automatic deletion settings
  • Analyzes 100% of PC files, both protected and unprotected
  • Keeps user information confidential and private at all times

Junk Files Remover is a software user can utilize to fully or partially clean their PC. Automated scanning of documents results in duplicates, outdated files, or other superfluous information being identified quickly. A common example of unintentional files is a temporary file never deleted, or outdated backup data. This software will automatically identify and remove these files, thus making a computer more efficient, faster, and able to store more data. Its users may confirm or deny a file deletion, as opposed to other software programs that automatically delete identified files.

There is no other software that does what this software does best.

Users can also limit the volume of files that can be deleted via the software, resulting in a halt in file-cleaning when certain space requirements have been met. The purpose of this feature is, however, to make sure that users have enough storage space to work around.

Over the years, many versions have been released, as well as features and design optimizations.

Elle Jay
Utilizing this program, you can easily clear your computer of excess files and e The situation worsens as everyone collects more files on their computer so they won't need them anymore and serves no purpose in the end. Things are just slowed down by them ng things down! Cleaning up your computer and having it run smoothly can be achieved with this app. I find it highly effective in one area.
Users have downloaded and used Junk Files for Windows to remove and reuse many files that were corrupted, outdated, unnecessary space freed through junk files removal. There are two settings in the software, automatic and manual. The automated setting has the ability to quickly remove and delete junk files. In addition to its fast and flexible performance, the report generator also supports immediate reporting. This program is very user friendly for first time users. Its users' information is not shared or passed on. instead deleting every file found good will then display a report with it, which specifies which files have to be deleted so that the user can decide what to delete and what to keep.
The function is absolutely wonderful for my computer. In this program, I can clean up everything in my system at once. Data that is malicious, useless, and infected is eradicated from the computer. My computer will always be able to operate without my need for this software. The program I used to operate it plans on continuing to operate in that capacity. The features of this software are satisfactory to me.
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