Jumpshare for Desktop

by Jumpshare

File sharing for Windows has never been so easy

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jumpshare

Release: Jumpshare for Desktop 2.3.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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A single jumpshare account does all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to media files. You can now use the platform to connect to third-party libraries and services without having to move between applications at the same time. There is also support for popular browsers such as Photoshop, Google Chrome, and Firefox. The security of sharing is guaranteed. With the option of watching HD video, having a dedicated storage area, priority support, tracking alerts, ad avoidance and analytics and email letting you get rid of popups and annoying ads, viewing HD video is possible.


  • You can set up drag and drop links on the desktop or homepage that create destinations that you can click on in advance and initiate.
  • Surely, the built-in email tool does provide this for making files available to the recipient, thus tracking to see whether files are not only recieved, but also if they have already downloaded those files.
  • There are screenshot annotations so you can invert parts to emphasize or reduce certain characteristics, such as lines drawing, high fidelity maps, etc. They can also blur information that is sensitive, such as numbers or addresses on the screen.
  • A full or custom version of this recording can be recorded on the fly or through multiple platforms. Variable recording modes are available, so you can record when you're on the go.

If you want to find and save your media files, you should try it this way. It's time to help yourself since Windows attempts to solve this problem by using the free downloadable software. We have two upgraded versions of both of these versions for cheap, so even if you only want the free version, you can upgrade to one of them. You shouldn't expect any media requirements to be met with more than 2TB of storage. Having no limits on how big files or screenshots one can upload is extremely appealing. Plus, you can download and restore extensions for extended version support as well as file recovery so that you won't lose anything you've transferred here or not be able to keep up with the constantly changing updates. The ability to analyze and present your media requirements is invaluable.

Get all of your medie where you want it, how you want it, and on the device you want it on, fast & easy.
Shirley Crow
My files are easily synchronized with this product since it supports synchronizing between folders. The software allows me to locate virtually anything that I am looking for in one program, which I love using... Now all of your photos and videos can be viewed from the same place, no more searching through several file folders.
Lucas Redden
If you capture screen captures or screenshots using Jumpshare for Desktop for Windows, you can also export them. During screenshots, notes, and notes, it has an option for you to annotate them. Show off to friends and family as well as some employees.All the details that are affecting your screen should be explained to workers.
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