by Ekot

Create crop-slides and rotate ll multiple images.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ekot

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Using JPEGcrops for Windows, users can crop and rotate more than one picture at a time without a loss in quality. There are just three steps in this process; Create the.rss file in a folder you will use for storing the images, then define the crop area using this file. The preview images can easily be customized by flipping between landscape and portrait mode. There is no need to install any software as the program is free to download. While the program accepts only JPEG files, it does not install anything on the server's directory when running. files can be rename and suffixed easily, and metadata cannot be lost. doesn't run very long, nor does it take very many resources to run it. Menus look like Windows since they were designed in 1991, but the programs have not been updated since then.

An excellent solution for cropping lots of images without having to install any other software. Simple, no-formation, yet effective, to use as your learning curve can be shortened. Using a similar interface to its classic Windows design, the user interface consists of a nostalgic feel coupled with easy-to-see menus and options. Because there is only one need to run the program in order for it to work, uninstalling the program after you have done it is incredibly simple. In addition, several filters are provided to ensure the images can be easily translated. In addition to zoom options, the software can save the zooms with no loss of quality. The pixels are preserved from scratchis. can also run on computers running Windows XP to Windows 10, which have no issues. A simple program for copying images of large files, JPEGcrops is an effective tool for many applications.


Crop and rotate multiple images at once without loss of quality
  • Crop and rotate multiple images at once
  • Preserve metadata
  • Three-step process
  • Free program, no installation required
  • Easy to use interface

11/01/12 - 01/01/13 Window 10

It is running on my press as an I print many images. I really really enjoy this software. It can take all those images in a single, easy step and give the benefit of using JPEG images people are using on their laptops now.
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