A service that enables the user to instantly exchanges files and screenshots via the internet

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Joxi is an excellent modern program that allows you to easily exchange screenshots via the Internet. With its own server, which allows you to upload screenshots to your social network instantly and automatically save them, this utility will not be tied to a third party hosting provider. In addition to the main function, Joxi has a number of tools that can be used to identify important areas, add signatures and draw lines. Highlighting any areas of your image with blurring is also convenient thanks to the blurring function. Besides taking a picture of the whole computer screen, Joxi is also capable of taking a picture of an area within the screen as well.

Several options for controllabled by the program : There are two functions you can choose, hot keys for creating screenshots and for saving images to a specific folder as well as for adjusting the original image's quality. There is no charge to place an order for this very convenient program.

- Taking multiple screenshot of a particular area; the ability to take a photo without having to look at entire screens; and a specific screenshot without sacrificing your image quality.

- A blog or social network can be easily accessed when it is automatically uploaded to the server; a photo can easily be posted upon upload; and.

- The tools for selecting areas, writing text, or hiding an element of the image in a blur mode;

- hotkey support;

- Russified interface.

Thanks to this software program, I now have access to my laptop screen with great detail, in all sorts of circumstances. Users appreciate that Snipping Tool comes integrated in Windows XP Tablet Edition and Windows 7 along with its companion Experience Pack. If you don't need to use high-performance drugs, then this is a great fit for you.Using Snipping Tool, you can capture the entire screen, any individual windows, or any part of your user interface- the power comes from its screen capture tools.specified capture areas
There is nothing better than this product uy it amazing! If you would like to take a screenshot of the whole screen, just a small part. You may even write your own annotations over the image with this app. It makes it possible to crop as well as crop further. Because it is a hosting service as well, there is no need for multiple software applications to accomplish the same task. application!! I'm sure I would highly recommend it!
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