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Joomla is a software helping people create websites and mobile applications for free and open-source

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Publisher: Open Source Matters, Inc.

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The Joomla Content Management System is an Open Source system built for creating professional websites. By utilizing this system, businessmen as well as ordinary users have access to a range of features. Your company or business can benefit greatly from the information it provides to create a website that can help promote the kinds of products and services your company or firm offers. In addition, you can change its design, content, structure and functionality at any time. Joomla! Since this system is incredibly user-friendly, it stands out from other content management systems.

The Joomla! With the Content Management System, you can customize your system so as to work as well as any other user, taking note that any user can benefit from it.

WAMP, MAMP, LAMP and XAMPP is how Joomla works with WAMP, MAMP, LAMP and XAMPP environments.


- banners;

- contacts;

- the news fields;

- the galleries;

- chat rooms;

- forums;

- multimedia;

- the search;

- references.


- content archive;

- banners and fields;

- custom HTML;

- Web structure module, paths (Breadcrumbs).

- (Custom Footer Module); visualizing your website's copyright).

- login;

- the menu;

- the latest news;

- (news flash): The thumbnails for New article posts on the site);

- polls;

- random images;

- Related Items;

- If you want to search for a company, use a search engine.

- sections;

- statistics;

- Feeds from XML (Syncurized ion RSS feeds (Syndicate);

- who's online;

- The layout of each corner of your site (Wrapper) should be displayed.


- authentication (Joomla!(A), L, ID, OpenID, GMail)

- the cache;

- GeSHi is displayed at the beginning of the articles ). Code Highlighter);

- email cloaking - Email cloaking;

- editors (TinyMCE 2.The CMS XStandard Lite for Joomla includes features that ensure speed and simplicity.);

- Using Legacy Mode compatibility mode or Legacy Mode backwards compatibility plugin is one way you can ensure compatibility.

- Rating plugin;

- You can search categories, newswires, newswire sections, contacts, content, hyperlinks in many different ways.

- SEF;

- plugin for XML-I have an API for Blogger, and I have an API for Joomla. API).


- RHUK Milkyway - A Page has the appearance of items.

- Beez.

Those who design website layouts would definitely like to use Joomla.
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The virtual version of the software for Windows will work with the.NET runtime.
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A camera that captures and documents application screens and websites automatically!!
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With this application, photos are created into stories.
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Using it you can run a full control computer or simulate a whole terminal via its command-line interface.
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