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A non-linear multi-track digital audio editor

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: launchpad

Release: Jokosher 0.11.2

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In today's world with all the possibilities for audio production, it's less expensive than ever to create music on any level. With that in mind, the creators of Jokosher have re-Create an easy-to-use, intuitive audio production processof-Use simplicity with care.

The software includes an array of instruments including, acoustic guitar, bass drum, bass guitar, cello, cymbal, drum kit, trumpet, violin, and saxophone. One track is capable of being filled in with more than one such file, even using the names of the files.

Designed with usability in mind, this software is a complete solution for recording, editing, mixing and exporting audio

In each project, there are a vast array of options to customize including the sample rate and the recording format. Wet/Replace actions, Play/Stop recordings, Copy/paste/delete/cut data, Split/Allow/Cut audio streams are some of the options available for editing. Importing audio into projects can be done with a variety of formats; ; As stated above, you can manipulate this audio. When muted or sloshed, the instruments help reveal specific details of the recording to help you visualize its sound.

Besides switching between detailed and basic interfaces, users also have access to volume knobs and balance pins, adjustment by beat per minute (BPM), and lowering or raising the master volume when it is too low. The language and concepts used within the software will be familiar to musicians and novices will learn the lingo the more they get involved.


  • Multi-track volume mixing with VU sliders
  • Tools for splitting, trimming, and moving, when editing
  • Built-in browse function
  • Supports OGG, MP3, FLAC, WAV, and other file types
  • Simple interface and a clean layout
  • Intuitive design makes it great for beginners

Ultimately it is the simplicity in design and use that marks Jokosher out in the world of audio processors. There is access to audio manipulation tools on hand in the package. The handy tools and an intuitive workspace enable easy movie editing and set-up to make the best use of any film.

Gnonlin must be installed and streamer must be used.

Derek Parker
If you use this product to edit audio, then you will be able to create content with very few tools. Designed for beginners, this software is easy to use. An audio editing industry that has traditionally relied on manual editing will take a huge hit with the new interface and software.
These people will be better able to survive and provide their families in the long run with Jokiosher for Windows since it enables their audio creation. provides access to a broad selection of sounds that greatly advances the audio creation space. Furthermore, the program is easily installed.
Ideally supported on a Windows PC or laptop, this program makes it possible to build full studios. Recording music, podcasts, taking video, and many other uses are possible using this device. The device offers many functions in an integrated design, while still being very user friendly. Put your creativity to the test with this program.
Jokosher is the summar of multiple things.track studio. If you're a fan of music, then Jokosher should definitely be part of your thinking.stop-Take the time to find the right music for your needs. It will let you create your own music and record it as you want. Creating your own podcasts is also possible. You can mix songs, edit audio, and cut and change your music using this tool. It's an integrated tool so you can do it all from a single interface.
Murray Ta
You can download Jokosher for free since it's entirely non-technical.linear multi-The GNU GPL library is used by these digital audio editors. uses GNOME+ with GStreamer as a way to back up your audio files.In an initial form, this worked only for Linux, but is now compatible with Windows as well.
I believe this product to be of great potential. 4/5 Stars. Jokosher may be the right choice for editing audio whose small footprint allows for intuitive and efficient operations. Having worked with this program a number of times before getting into a bug just after trying to change my instruments - user error - I already have a close relationship.\ part glitch. It still sits in my desk, ready to make necessary soundbites for all the strange ideas in my head to make them work. Take a chance and try it right away, this product will grow on you as well.
A great digital audio editor that I've worked with. Great that the content is free. In particular, I like how it's interface - I have the capability of adding instruments with ease and mixing files to it quite easily. You still have to give it a try because some free alternatives aren't up to par. Getting started with something like this is an amazing experience that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone.
Video editing can be done by beginners as well as professionals. My daily medication routine consists of using this on the spot. I can import audio smoothly and have all of my videos be controlled by it. Overall, I am very pleased with how the project went. Thank you.
To think about downloading Audacity as opposed to Jokosher, consider the free and original audio editing software that you can use to edit audio for Windows. Jokosher for Windows is still an awesome free software that anyone can use to edit audio. The ability to edit different sounds/tracks, plus a plethora of free sounds that really stand out from some other audio editing applications, is what makes Joshosher stand out from most other software offerings.
A free app intended just for music lovers, this program lets you produce your own songs. In order to make songs or beat, you use it to work with audio files. Apps like this help you perfect your song or podcasts. You can sort sounds, instruments, etc., and add instruments and vocals. A multitrack compatible app like this allows you to work with any other track not offered by Microsoft.linear. All kinds of music lovers will enjoy this app.
Jokosher For Windows. Use the installer bundle to bring Jokosher to Windows from Japan. In Windows there is no need to download to different libraries because they will all count GStreamer as a necessity. Jokosher 0.11.Installer 4 of 20 files for Windows.9MB. Running Jokosher without introducing the last three. Jokosher’s 0.11.The primary portion of the 2 discharge will deal with introduction of a Windows package, in case I am arranging the discharge candidate to be accessible as soon as it appears one of the few issues I can find open. An effective multi-dimensional puzzle, which Jokosher seems to have achieved.track studio' and is an app within the Sound & Music category. There are more than 10 Jokosher stages, which include Windows, Macs, PCs, iPads, Android devices, Kindles, eos to Jokosher for a assortment of stages, counting Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Linux. For students, GarageBand is a free elective. To help you stay ahead of the game, please subscribe to WaveShop (Free) and MAGIX Music Producer Stick (Freemium). A Jokosher venture can be stored in a registry along with its title.
The reason I like using Jokoher is because I can use it for multiple purposes.The track studio is very helpful to users. Thus, I'm capable of making and recording music if I wish. Also, if there is one that I like, er if I have one as well. The software is all in one place and I have a dedicated space for it as well.
There's one thing I appreciate about this! It's free. This tool can only work with Windows or Linux. You can edit virtually any digital track with it. The features on this can be edited and the best parts of it can be produced whether the features are on the music or if they're on a podcasts.
Jokosher for Windows lets me express my passion for music, regardless of the time of day or night. I want to create music for a lifetime. A simple, flexible studio where you can create sounds that can be manipulated. I record music and listen to podcasts using it. My daily medication routine consists of using this on the spot. Every morning, I wake up and make coffee, then head off on my computer to use Jokosher. Having the time and energy to have it makes my whole day so much better.
Because Jokosher for Windows is such a convenient program, any kind of digital audio file I may have lying around won't have any difficulty being edited, regardless how many tracks are in it. appreciate that Jokosher removes all the uncertainty and complexity that surround the creation of audio and simplifies the process so that novices can enjoy its simplicity.
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