by Ascora GmbH

A defragment analyzer which scans the registry for errors and optimizes the device

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ascora GmbH

Release: JetDrive 9.9.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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JetDrive is perfect for those to defragment their drive or registry and boost the performance of their device. In freeing errors from the registry and getting rid of unnecessary registry components, you speed up your device and optimize performance overall. With the program, you may still prevent a person from accessing files because of their security. Defragmenting software only works with special files, which aren't as fast as this program. You will also find a registry de-aggregation algorithm that provides a particular level of support for all components of your registry so you can ensure the performance of your registry is boosted to its maximum functionality. Using this program should result in a marked and noticeable improvement in the speed and performance of the user, as well as a reduction in the number of CPU usages. Registry users are able to optimize their slow devices or clogged-up registers with the help of this program, which boosts memory in the process. It eliminates errors and works to organize Registry, improving memory. It is crucial for the best performance that Windows users look into this program. With this program, no matter who you are, you can file your application as easily and with more peace of mind than alternatives. Additionally, it scans and checks protected files.

Speed is increased and performance is optimized.

  • Defragment drive effectively
  • Works with protected files
  • Optimize drive
  • Boost performance and speed
  • Free and simple to download and configure
JetDrive 9.9.2 (2.47 MB)
JetDrive 9.9.3 (2.47 MB)
Using JetDrive as one means of optimized and defragmentation is also an important advantage because it simultaneously captures and fixes hard drive errors so it allows systems to use their hard drives more effectively. When a device is first purchased, JetDrive restores it to its original function, as if that was a purchase made many years ago. By utilizing this software, applications can almost instantly boot because it helps speed up the boot process.
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