by JetAudio Inc.

Integrated multimedia software that is made of a single compact rack.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: JetAudio Inc.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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jetAudio is a free integrated multimedia software. The powerful combine harvester operates with audio files as well as videos. As for the audio, it comes along with a lot of information.Besides a video player, this computer includes features such as a CD burner, Multimedia file converter, and a JetCast module for building your own broadcast system. Free version of jetAudio - There is no mp3 encoded audio module used by jetAudio Basic. JetAudio Plus is a paid version if you need it.

The following are some key features:

- A copy of all major media formats is supported.

- CDs: Digital audio CD burners, ecas CDs;

- recording support;

- visualization support;

- different sound effects;

- speed control;

- karaoke;

- A clock job with an alarm; a timer job; an e and a timer job;

- the equalizer;

- file converter;

- The support of Audio CD robbing

- distribution of audio-Network video; video for television; d to the network;

- Tag editor;

- multichannel audio support;

- crossfade;

- skin support;

- subtitle support;


- Keeping a collection organized and stored in a convenient way.

The number of sound files in jetAudio is enough to satisfy the user's requirements. I'm glad this came to my attention so quickly. I've discovered that it's a great tool when it comes to creating sound effects for my site. As a game developer, I have also used this to find out how many soundbytes are in my game.
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