Jet Screenshot

by ArcticLine Software

A screenshot application that takes pictures of whatever youre doing on the computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ArcticLine Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Jet Screenshot is a simple way to communicate visually. Is there something you can tell your conversation partner other than big printed volumes he or she want to show your conversation partner something without having to print large volumes of text? Then use Jet Screenshot! Rather than describing hundreds of words as if you were going into it, make sure that the user understands what you're saying without having to think about the vast quantities.

An icon (next to the clock) is created in Jet Screenshot to enhance the view of the screen. Clicking on this icon can immediately connect the program to the server and upload a screenshot. If you want anyone else to see this, you can copy its link straight up into the clipboard after uploading. In the attached files, you will no longer have to send images by mail. A screenshot now comes directly to one or more people's hands via a link sent via chat, forum, or ICQ - a quick fix to dealing with multiple websites.

What are the lable photos, or add graphic notes? Another tool that enables this is Jet Screenshot. The built-in tools make editing and uploading an image easier. When you take a screenshot, use one of the three methods above to quickly mark specific areas. Type text, lines, or geometric shapes as they appear.

A special screenshot was prepared for office use with Jet Screenshot. So, its availability to many specialists will be perfect. They are among many people, including programmers, designers, editors, secretaries, bloggers, testers, and many others.

This is a monumental change for communication -visually It is as easy as three steps. A snapshot should be created, annotations created, and uploaded online.

Jet Screens are a convenient way to communicate with conversational partners. Create an icon, copy copy the screenshot, share the screen shot via chat, forums, and ICQ, and then file a disk screenshot that can be copied over to the server. The document was only developed by programmers so is only for office use. Describe this method of visual communication in three steps.
The features of ScreenMaster are not only very easy but also practical. By running this program on your computer you can take screenshots and convert them to multiple files in different formats. Your computer will not be able to use up much space if you run this application.
A wonderful app for sharing screenshots online, Jet Screenshot allows us to include text and to write things like notes using a pen, adding the marks if they are added by other users. Once this is done, we can take a full window view screenshot or cropped at the very least.
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