by Dev Wizard

Successfully launch Java software on all your Windows devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Dev Wizard

Release: JavaExe 3.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The following are the major features:

Main benefits includes object-oriented programming environment which has been designed to be written once and run on any platform
  • Java.Exe is an object-oriented, all-time running environment only built once and used with any standard programming language.
  • Use Alias Maya to download and install it.
  • JavaExe comes with JavaExe_console, which will allow for the DOS console screen potential output, but it will have been essential to have installed at least Java Runtime Environment.
  • The ability to launch your Java application as a windows file
  • JavaExe provides simplicity by allowing you to open your Java Apps in the same way you would any normal windows program that you might have downloaded.
  • With this release it is designed for Java apps and not for websites that use Java apps.
  • In addition to creating a Java Runtime Environment, this tool allows developers to launch and install Java applications.
  • Besides providing access to JavaXee's Java plugin technology, users will have the ability to connect JavaExe sites or applets with a number of browsers belonging to their favorite programs.
  • The Java runtime environment that helps Web browsers translate into Java.based plugins
  • It is available on all windows versions.
  • There is no frills in JavaExe's interface or features.
  • By doing so you are able to customize the taskbar and services under the Settings menu.
  • Additionally, the Java Development Kit will be supported.
  • Users will find that JavaExe is easy to install and does not require specific changes since it is simple to set up.
  • Additionally it will provide 64bit JRE support and full Unicode management.
  • Additionally, it will let you define a dynamic startup screen in an easy-to-use way.
When Windows version of an Java application has JavaExe enabled, you may launch that application. Using this program, the user may start saving screens, setting up access to Windows features, and more, all while working with Java application. If the user wants to run only part of the Java program in Windows Admin mode, they can do that. Windows users find controlling Java applications to be an attractive option. As well as the dynamic splash screen, the software has the ability to add more features.
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