by Ivan Zahariev

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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ivan Zahariev

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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IZArc2Go for Windows is a mobile version of the original IZArc. By using this software, it is easy to store, search, and share digital files. Any sensitive or secure data does not need to be stored electronically. It is possible to download the software directly to any USB drive - no complicated installation required. There is nothing you have to download in order to use your computer. Your computer saves space when operating software like this is less than 10 megabits and can have a big footprint. IZArc2Go allows you to zip, unzip, archive your files with ease. The IZArc2Go interface offers the same capabilities your desktop has during the entire trip, while enabling you to control the game when you are not using a computer.

This is a process often frustrating, inconvenient, and challenging to perform when opening an archive. IZ Arc2Go provides a user-friendly, effective, and portable way to do that.

Your archives can be easily viewed and downloaded through this application. Once you're downloaded, you're able to search for, and sort through, your files. In particular, it is beneficial for businesses as a whole. The software IZArc2Go for Windows can help you open any ZIP file, but you can also open any other compatible file type. The App Store for iPhone users is now offering the software for download as well.

Allows for convenient and portable transportation and storage of digital files

  • From the moment you open an archive, your list functions as a scrollable and sorted spreadsheet. With this, it would be easier to navigate through all those stubborn files.
  • You can drag & drop files from IZArc into other programs from your desktop. With this method, it is easier than ever to organize, move, and store files.
  • You can be sure that information in IZArc2Go has been virus-cleared in every session. Security is of paramount importance when handling sensitive or sensitive data.
  • In addition, the software checks for updates so that you are using the most recent version.
  • Using your keyboard will give you the ability to sort and search.
Windows user that uses IZArc2Go to create a variety of archive files, he loves being able to create an endless number of different types of archive. It can also be used to extract the necessary files for you. In addition, its features are very easy to exploit, so I think it's an interface that's both modern and intuitive. features include the drag and drop capability, as well as fully customizable toolbars.
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