iZ3D Media Player Classic

by iZ3d

Open source media player to watch files from your PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: iZ3d

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The iZ3D Media Player Classic is a free player that lets you play videos in popular formats and apply a stereo effect to them. There is a well-developed program for this purpose.is known as an anaglyph or Aglyphic coding, which describes how the eyes' colors and faces are separated. You need special glasses if you want to see the stereo effect. Due to its low cost and non-informal nature, it is very easy to produce these items on their own by using improvised methods.

From the interface, and by the name of the iZ3D Media Player Classic it is not difficult to guess that this player was created on the basis of Media Player Classic. While its capabilities have been significantly reduced, the latter remains an interesting option. The iZ3D player does not support other video formats than MPG, MP3, MIDI, DVD, WMV, 3GP, or AVI. Unfortunately, our best efforts will not produce the MKV and MP4, which are in today's reality in a MKV and MP4 format. This has been an unfortunate development. Compared with this, the program provides basic parameters in the manner of “picture” and sound”, but provides advanced options such as playlists and videos. In addition, there is a 3D capability in the player.On the left-hand side of the section "File," you will find the mode selector.

In addition to the codecs for use in the program, there are several other codecs that are available as well. Though the player is a little light, he does not grow much. It is largely based on Windows operating systems from earlier generations, allows relatively low system requirements, has the ability to support any Windows operating system from prior versions, and is pragmatic.

- Using an anaglyph method, it is possible to create stereo effects; ;

- In addition, a somewhat vague list of formats lled formats (MPG, DVD, WMV, AVI, 3GP, MP3, MIDI);

- A similar interface exists for Media Player Classic.

- support for playlists;

- The gathering of technical information about the video.

- The ability to download external subtitles;

- Ensure all codecs are downloaded and updated ;

- You can try as many 3D modes as you want.

Using the feature that lets me play videos in popular formats and apply stereo effects to them is great. is that it is free too.
You can use this free media player to add stereo effects to videos that are of different formats and formats. In order to observe the technique correctly, you will need to wear special, affordable glasses.There is also a built-in Windows Explorer where you can view, and install, all the codecs you need. Although it doesn't use much storage on your machine due to its support for modern formats, such as MP3, WMV, AVI, etc.
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