by Apple

A music software that Apple invented that allows you to listen or play different types of music.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Apple

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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iTunes is a program that lets you keep all your videos and music in one place, organize all your tracks and videos, and play them back. In iTunes, you can add files from your hard drive, music and videos from optical drives, and buy content from the Apple Store. As well as iOS, you can sync with iOS devices such as iPhone and iPod Touch. You can immediately download all the content you purchase or import from discs to the library. In this way, you can perform a quick search to identify the tracks and create a music th search for tracks and create playlists from them. It is possible to assign varying ratings to each track.

There are multiple formats of videos and music on iTunes. This feature is designed to allow automatic creation of similar themed playlists or tracking moods within the tool. With iCloud, you will be able to transfer your libraries between iOS devices automatically. Whenever a file is purchased or imported, all connected devices get instant access to it. Its interface is elegant, and it offers a variety of other functions as well. This program is free and should be readily available to Apple product owners, iPhone, iPad, and device manufacturers with Apple products.

- The Genius system picks songs that suit your tastes;

- Streaming music and video from the Apple TV directly to your TV screen;

- This media player is great for media players that supports a variety of formats? ;

- AppStore app in combination with iTunes e app and iTunes digital store.

iTunes (51.81 MB)
iTunes (56.42 MB)
iTunes (57.01 MB)
iTunes (60.54 MB)
iTunes (60.59 MB)
iTunes (64.06 MB)
iTunes (65.57 MB)
iTunes 10.1.2 (78.29 MB)
iTunes 10.2.1 (76.58 MB)
iTunes 10.2.2 (77.13 MB)
iTunes 10.4.1 (78.32 MB)
iTunes 10.5.1 (67.29 MB)
iTunes 10.5.2 (68.01 MB)
iTunes 10.5.3 (67.98 MB)
iTunes 10.6 (73.21 MB)
iTunes 10.6.1 (73.21 MB)
iTunes 10.6.3 (75.56 MB)
iTunes 11 (84.72 MB)
iTunes 11.0.5 (86.68 MB)
iTunes 11.1.3 (95.75 MB)
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