by Thinksky

Designed to assist users with their management of their iOS devices.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Thinksky

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iTools is designed to simplify file management on iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. There are three versions for iOS, so that it's compatible on the latest Apple devices. iTunes installations are required for installation of the application. Having no jailbreak means that this program works with any device.

After starting iTools, the Welcome screen will appear with detailed information about the connected device. The Media Library window displays lists of music, movies, videos, and other content. Along with the lyrics, tags, and covers you can copy this information all to a computer. Apple's iTunes Photo section includes pictures as well as photographs of how they can be taken to be transferred from the PC to the device. E.g., pictures are easy to create with iMovie by copying on and off the PC, etc.books. Games and programs that are installed are displayed under Applications. iTunes synchronization begins with iTools as soon as it opens, during which all the applications it contains appears there too. The tool is used to update, delete, or save programs, games, or other files to a computer. Folders are organized under the Desktop tab, and Live Desktop lets you record what is happening on the Device panel while using the tool.

- The latest versions of iOS are supported.

- The inclusion of Jailbreaks with Android devices;

- Updates, uninstalling, backing ups, and installing other software applications are all important.

- media management

- Any files can be imported or exported.

- Aringtones are available via mp3 to mp4 download.

- When copying a video to a device, convert the video to mp4 format.

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Using this software is a convenient way to manage files on iPhone, iPod and iPad since it lets users organize their data across all of them. Furthermore, Apple's iOS and iOS 6 versions can be downloaded.
There are no Jailbreaks associated with this software, it is an advantage that it runs on all iOS devices and works without them. The mere act of typing in this page should be able to support the recent ios version.The tools you need are pretty simple at Intershops.
All your Apple devices can be simplified with this easy-to-use tool. Having all of your files together in one place is an advantage.You can sync your i system information with iTools to a central location.
This app allows you to back up your data of iPhone, iPad, as well as your documents if your device is lost, and it works with iPhone and iPad. Additionally, you will be able to keep both your data and your files intact. Highly recommended!
This is one of the best apps for my iPhone and for my computer, since it works on both of them as well as having multiple languages and being capable of displaying multiple audio files. Additionally, you can uninstall applications directly from its convenient and modern interface.
When linked to your computer using iTools, you'll find a wide variety of features about your iPhones. With iOS 10, you have the option of backing up your iPhone's data and restoring it in the event of a loss. In addition, you will be able to stream your phone's screen to a monitor via the air play feature, so you can show TV shows, games, etc. there on your monitor with the screen showing your phone. Software runs smoothly in all environments, including in the office itself. In addition, free functionality is helpful.
My iPhone and iPad need to be managed, so I needed a software solution. That's all I could do was download a free piece of software. By using iTools for Windows, I can download photos, videos, and music between my computers and my mobile devices. In a matter of seconds, a transfer of data can be accomplished. It's truly a no hassle piece of software and doesn't require much installation. As a result, I have become so involved in digital life.
It features one of the easiest tools for organizing Windows PCs in the same way iTunes does for iOS. Since then, iTools for Windows includes a few added enhancements and interesting improvements that make it better than iTunes. You may use the application by connecting all of your Apple devices to your Windows PC.I have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and MacBook Pro. You can quickly organize all of your things in a way that compares to iTunes' convenience, rather than its flexibility, since you're linked directly into your personal bookmarks. An intriguing alternative to iTunes among all, iTools works exactly as iTunes. It makes use of a USB stick. This makes the application very portable, with a USB stick, you needn't install it yourself or carry it with you.
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