iSunshare RAR Password Genius

by iSunshare Studio

An application that assists you with password recovery

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: iSunshare Studio

Release: iSunshare RAR Password Genius trial version

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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iSunshare RAR Password Genius is an application that assists you with password recovery.


  • Easy to use.
  • Small in Size.
  • Downloads can finish in minutes.
  • There is a free recovery version available

With an increased focus of cyber security and an increased need for more powerful passwords (with extra characters, numbers, and symbols), the iSunshare RAR Password Genius application proves itself to be not only beneficial but also a necessity in this age. Passwords are becoming harder to remember because the use of SMS and email has led to less time when entering them into more apps. People most of the time rely on the "reset" feature when attempting to log in to some apps or accounts that do not have password reset buttons. A lot of us rely on our physical and virtual identities to write a couple of things down. We have notified iSunshare about this issue and we have put a solution to its resolution. Rather than adding extra paperwork, their solution is so simple to use that it doesn't require much space. As a result of this license, it is placed alongside the best applications and software for Windows. iSunshare runs on Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, XP, VISTA, Win7, Win 8, Win 10, (32 bit & 64 bit). The program includes compatibility with all versions of WinRAR, RAR or other archives programs that provide RAR files. However, t also has advanced features for multiprocessor systems and multi-line processing.core CPU. Skeptics are welcome to try it out for free. If you join the free trial version, you can have a recovered recovery of any rar password 3 or less characters thick. The other versions of this program are available as well as a free trial. Standard Versions are currently available for around 20 dollars and Professional Versions cost 30 dollars apiece. Despite the fact that it is easy to use (not so bad for those without experience with computers), you still need to receive professional technical support free of charge.

Trustworthy software, since it is built on Windows.

system requirements to use the RAB Password Genius System

Supported OS: Windows 2000/2003/2008/2012/2016/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 (32 bit & 64 bit)

Processor: AMD or Intel processors with an 1800 MHz or higher frequency.

RAM: RAM of 512MB or more.

An automatic system reset can be performed using the password and content download manager. Servers, real physical computers, and virtual instances are often served by this software. There are no problems with runs across multiple operating systems. For product testing, a free trial version is available. For basic operations, you have minimal requirements.
Windows can use this tool in such a way that is perfect. it seems I've deleted several RAR archives because I forgot password at the last minute only to realize I hadn't done anything to make it visible and the files would be unzipped or backed up. The tool allows you to recover password information regardless of the complexity. Its lightweight nature makes it very easy to carry around on your PC. On my computer, it is one of my most valuable pieces of software.
Liam Cloutier
You can quickly recover lost or forgotten passwords if you use the iSunshare RAR Password Genius, which is a professional tool. "Brute" is its 4th and final password recovery mode.The various features provided by force, Mask, Dictionary, and Smart make it really easy to recover information quickly.
My computer had to be rebooted last week due to my forgetting several passwords, and I used RAR Password Genius a lot. By simply importing the RAR file and pressing the start button, it starts to recover lost passwords. The best part is that the software can unlock passwords regardless of the encryption algorithm or the strength of the password. Someone who has valuable assets to lose will benefit from this software.
Recovering our forgotten passwords can be done through this fantastic password generator. You'll be amazed how effective this tool is for recovering the forgotten password for RAR/WINRAR/PSP files.
Even though it's more difficult than I expected to achieve using Isunshare RAR Password Genius for Windows. In the past, my computer's settings had gone out of balance, but this program helps keep my computer running smoothly. It was my goal to find the password of a used computer I purchased last week at a pawn shop. By using a software program, I discovered the password within a few seconds, and I totally recommend it.
Whenever I went to re-enter my computer after a period of time. As a result of using a bitlocker password for a laptop security, I learned of different versions of Windows passwords, as a consequence Windows passwords are simple to remember. As a manager for files, I use this every day.
ISUNSAS RAR Password Genius for Windows enables anyone to keep their old passwords.
It would be great if I could store my passwords here so I could take care of everything else.
For all of me who misplaces or forgets passwords over time, iSunshare RAR Password Genius is my number one tool since it presents me with a solution. It is an easy solution as it is a handy tool that gives the answers to all the missing passwords and helps us make the Having it in my back pocket is another plus. Best of all, I am able to store my passwords in a secure environment.
Its innovative solution to recover forgotten or lost passwords of RAR archives such as AUDERA, WINRGER etc. has made a lot of people happy in this period of economic hardship and makes people forget about things like forgot passwords for the first time. With it, it is simple for windows to crack passwords. Every time, it's just a charm.
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