Directly convert Xbox 360 ISO files to be transferred into GOD containers.

Operating system: Windows

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ISO2GoD for windows is an efficient program in creating the ultimate visual experience for Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 users, converting Xbox 360 ISO images straight to GOD containers.

Compiled in an almost blank interface that puts a massive emphasis on the simplicity of both user's and component's utilization, ISO2GoD can load an ISO image from the computer and ensure that it is prepared for successful conversion.


This allows the images to work on the user’s Xbox 360 SDK
  • support for XSF and GDF/XDVDFS ISOs
  • automatically effectively reads and inputs the title information from the ISO
  • set the preferred output location for the GoD container, and the temporary location used for taking apart the ISO and putting it back together
  • displays the ISO's title details and cover
  • allows one to edit the name, title and media IDs, with specific disc number
  • queues up a variable set of conversions 1G-12G
  • can be completed from a USB where, when connected, booting is done from FSD
  • allows ISO2GoD to transfer the new GoD files to a local server via FTP once they have been finalized. A FTP client is not needed for this process, rather all the data can be transmitted in this way. Moreover, all that is necessary is to enter the IP address, username, password, and port in the settings panel

ISO2GoD is a program that directly correlates Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 and Games on Demand, otherwise referred to as GOD. This product allows connecting pictures and parts of Xbox 360 into an external destination where additional information may be generated and developed in an incredibly demanding and sufficient manner while providing a user with adequate protection to the images and components.

A bulk processing solution becomes available with this download. Although this may take a considerable amount of time, the long-term results are worth the effort. For example, if you have a Windows or Mac desktop computer unattended for any length of time, this feature is immense.

Smooth and faster DVD reading will be achieved by ISO2GoD. A PC gamer who runs Microsoft's Xbox Live or those looking for gaming titles will benefit from this.
Using IA2god for Windows lets you use non-DVD drives to copy and edit software.
An intuitive interface allows you to use this tool easily. A GOD format to ISO conversion for my XBOX ISO, so that I can easily run the games I have at work. It has not caused any issues for me but would definitely recommend this service to anyone who uses it for 10 hours a week.
You can convert Xbox games to Windows and Macs with ISogod software.
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