by Chengdu islide Network Technology Co.

Сreate wonderful and professional PowerPoint presentations with ease!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Chengdu islide Network Technology Co.

Release: iSlide 3.3.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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iSlide is a wonderful PowerPoint alternative to MS Office applications. You can download, install, and set up this free Windows software program quite easily. It's a great alternative to MS Powerpoint since it's free. A variety of backgrounds can be used to create professional presentations with it. A slide background may also be customized to attract the eyes. Besides the plug-ins and tools, there is an extensive library of effects that you can apply to your presentation.

With a simple and elegant interface and quick development process, Themes, Icons, and Text, this tool allows designers to create impressive presentations easily. The result is a professionally designed presentation in no more than three steps. Those people who require to work on all sorts of projects should be in touch with this service. We readily know what you're looking for, so why not?? In terms of making presentations and using MS Powerpoint for them, this program fills the void beautifully. You have the option of making a standard presentation or changing themes on every slide so that each slide will relate to a different theme. It is possible to create either a uniform presentation, which appears complete without uniform.

To enable you to switch the headline of a presentation that you might be able to appropriately select t to change the headline of a presentation that you may appropriately select a new theme, a new set of icons, and then input your text with enough space to present thoroughly. In order to get a feel for how the system works, you might want to run through the functions before publishing the presentation. You don't have any issues once a user makes sense of all the system.

In my experience as a presenter, I'm confident that this program, for me, comes in a handy fashion for my devices without MS Powerpoint installed. Nevertheless, there's no need to pay a large charge to install the Powerpoint program even if you're also already using any Microsoft Office applications on your device for free, including non-P Powerpoint programs that can be used in addition to Microsoft Office.

You can customize your presentations with themes, icons, and background colors based on your needs.

  • Perfect replacement for MS Powerpoint
  • The simple and basic interface
  • Customize with themes, icon, and text
  • Professional presentations in three steps
  • Tutorials for how to create
Using an islide file makes creating a powerpoint presentation on the fly very easy, if you have a large or elaborate format file, there are a lot more functions islide has that are invaluable.
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