A handy app for PC users to create their own ringtones on their iPhones.

Operating system: Windows

Release: iRinger

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iRinger is a powerful and free software for Windows Desktop that allows the user to create custom-They also made ringtones for iPhones to use. Through the iRinger app, the user is able to upload their favorite audio or video file and easily create a new ringtone.


  • Able to extract sound from video or audio files
  • Sleek, user-friendly interface
  • Special audio effects including delay, reverse and boost
  • Easily convert MP3 files to iPhone useable M4R formate
  • Includes the ability to convert YouTube videos into ringtones

iRinger is the best Windows solution for creating ringtones for the iPhone. As an iOS compatible app, iRinger gives users the ability to create an iPhone based ringtone from virtually any audio format. In addition to ease of use, iRinger also supports any form of audio equipment without any complicated software.

Using this iPhone iOS skins application you can develop a mobile application that stands out on iPhones.

This tool doesn't let you download or edit a video file when they are uploaded and trimmed. This lets you create new and unique ringtones out of video files. The ability to choose options based on their needs is an incredibly valuable feature. You'll also find special audio effects such as delays, flangers, boosts, and reverse in iRinger such as boosts, reverses, and flangers.

An iPhone user utilizing Apple iOS who uses iRinger is likely to find it to be a useful iPhone ringtone tool. iPhone users benefit from iRinger's support for exporting finished files, reducing the need for jailbreaking the device. No matter if you're using a Windows version, Mac version, or iPhone version, it's optimized for iPhone 4. You can use the iRinger in three easy steps.step formula: You can import, preview, export, and then proceed to the next step. With an iTunes iOS export, you could have a custom ringtone ready for download in minutes. There's even the possibility of using this file directly from friends and family members.

  • Only available for Windows PC.
  • Only exports audio/video files to M4R format.
iRinger (3.28 MB)
iRinger (4.59 MB)
Nick Smith
Making an iphone ringtone can be accomplished with this app. As well as taking sound from video and audio files, enhancing audio with special effects, and just editing audio files is possible with this app. Windows users can use this app to add iPhone ringtones easily and effectively.
By using iRinger one can create their own ringtones easily and quickly. You can set your own number of ringtones with this program, customizing the tone to suit your needs and selecting your favorites from a variety. An innovative or creative tool like this should be available to just about any employee.
Jamie Curtiss
The best part is the great fun you get from it. Several days a week, I have to make mobile phones for myself, friends, and family. You have to wait to make a ringtone for 20 minutes after which all this will work out.
My phone needs better fonting, so I have always lusted after creating them. Software has been found that is good for doing this. My PC can be used by iRinger with my iPhone for creation of ringtones. How awesome.
Whenever I would ask about where my friends got their fun ringtones from, it would always come up short. Now I know. IRinger is a Windows program that they all use. My first ringtones were created when I purchased it. It's super cool. I simply need to import my favorite track, select the area I want to cut, drag and drop the document onto the timeline, and a color version of my ringtone will appear. Different versions of these were created. I didn't think anyone could have done it better.
Unlike the iPhone, this is a wonderful invention, one which I dread every time it rings. Very user-This method is enjoyable to use and is non-intimidating. The ringtones for all my close friends, boyfriend, and parents have been special as well. When I answered, I realised I hadn't checked all names on my screen before then... Which individuals ores and who to ignore! :)
We have found iRinger to be an extremely useful and effective app... This is an easy-to-install app with excellent visual appeal. We've found that it's helpful for creating ringtones quickly on the go. My favorite part of this software program is my ability to save and manage files.
I strongly recommend this Universal Drivers (ASIO) for Windows for WDM Audio setup.
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