iPhone Cleaner

by Macgo International Limited

An excellent iOS cleaner tool that clean up junk files on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Macgo International Limited

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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iPhone Cleaner is a program for searching for and deleting files in the memory of iOS devices that are not very important and for increasing the amount of free space. A major feature of the Apple operating system is its ability to automatically close system files if no files are running at all. In a separate cache, all data applications are kept. So all that iPhone Cleaner can delete is old messages, call history, notes, reminders, Safari browser history and media files. All important data will be securely stored in the program, and there is a strong process that guides its use.

The ability to free up memory on Android devices may depend upon cleaning up explicit garbage left over after installation. For iOS devices, potential useless files and applications must be sacrificed as well. In addition to this, iPhone Cleaner has been developed to detect and uninstall those programs, which consume most memory space, by analyzing the programs installed on the device immediately. The program also eliminates cache cache size and allows you to remove it. you should keep in mind that deleting the cache might lead to a loss of important data as well as affecting the stability of your application. When the VKontakte client's cache is deleted, you'll lose downloads made on that server, as well as your mobile navigator's cache. offline maps.

Before using iPhone Cleaner, connect the device to a computer you own. An absolutely standard iPhone 4 and a 4A model can be supported, as well as the iPhone 2 and 3. When your computer connects to a computer, iTunes should be installed, otherwise, your device is not recognized. Touch the "1 " button after the device has been recognized by the iPhone Cleaner and then successfully connected to the network.Click Scan" key. After the device is analyzed, a summary table with potentially useful or outdated files will be displayed based on their type. With one click on the single key, the unwanted checkmarks can be unchecked and deleted.

- Find out which unnecessary or obsolete files could be stored in the device's memory.

- support for iPad versions up to the very first model, as well as for virtually every other iteration of iPhones since the last one was released;

- A vehicle automatically recognizes connected devices;

- The term for estimating software's total space consumed; the amount of space spent using it; );

- Browser application cache. Remove those;

- The history of your Safari browser can be deleted by searching online.

- There are several tools required with JailBreak.

You can browse, delete files from, and cache your iPhone files on its Windows PC once connected to it.
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