by iPadian

Change the screen of your windows desktop to Apple-like layout

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: iPadian

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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You need to install this software for it to change the design of your computer layout in a fashion similar to Apple's unique Apple iPad design.


  • it does not change and programs or function of the device
  • Its only a cosmetic change to make the person more comfortable with the screen
  • Has most of the features and widgets that can be found on a basic apple product
  • allows basic apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc; to be accessed through an apple styled icon.
  • its free of charge
  • it can be installed on most window formats including Windows XP.
  • tested and proven to not contain any viruses
  • perfect for apple fanboys

Overall I think that this software change has many benefits to make the windows experience more pleasing. In addition to changing the look of the desktop icon, this product gives the user the ability to simulate the Apple ios look. In addition to the sidebar, most of the apps as well as widgets can be seen on the regular apple screen without problems. Some of the most popular apps such as Facebook and Instagram work fine. As one of Apple's fanboy supporters for more than two decades, it is great to see one that is so much more than I even knew. My desktop is already equipped with these, and because they work perfectly with what I already know, and I was more than pleased to test them is, this software can be downloaded absolutely for free and can be accessed via the computers' basic search function. Although it has a couple of downsides, such as not being able to log in to Apple ID, and the apps running a little slower, it's still pretty good. I feel that the way it looks and functions make up for its real-world appearance. Using this product will make sure that anyone accustomed to Apple's design will feel more comfortable on their computers while the Apple software does not disrupt it.

By utilizing this program, people who are unfamiliar with windows can understand the apple format at a more comfortable level.

- Apple doesn't turn any corners with this App Store App and offers a very high represanitation rating.

Elle Jay
I'd definitely use this software. As I have been a computer user for almost all of my life, I have just purchased my first Apple computer. I have a great love for it and am really pleased with it. However, I am in a limbo when it comes to finding it's great and I really like it, but I have no idea where to find anything! In the iPadian I found a Mac format that I can use on my PC as I enjoy the intuitive layout. The free online game is also totally acceptable since I might not spend a penny on it, but since it is free I can't complain.
An essential piece of software software for any iPad fan is iPadian. Your Windows interface will be redesigned when you use it with iOS-inspired graphics. As far as functionality and programs are concerned, iPadian does not change your Windows computer. An iPad-like UI window is used instead of the usual interface. The program runs on any Windows application. The iPadian only works if Adobe Air is installed.
Luke Lumpkin
There are thousands of happy ipadian users who shouldn't be considered incorrect about purchasing Ipadian for Windows.Ipadian 10S13 comes with the features of an Apple device, which allows it to be possessed along with other simulator. In this offer, only Ipadians can use the apps built for Ipadian. Among some of the artists in their music feature are Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, and more. Comparatively to the 10s look environment, Ipadian appears amazing and has great looks. You get: a browser, social network(with notifications), email client, music videos & artists, as well as, photos and free apps. The In crowd is important:: Buy it today!
The iPadian is quite innovative and cool software, to be exact. When your device is connected to a laptop and running IOS or Android, there will be a feeling of running these two OSes. This makes it possible to run any iOS app store game that's not available on other iPhone devices, so you can perform the game on a larger screen, thereby becoming more comfortable playing it. In general, it is smooth and doesn't feel slow, and with it, you can enjoy the same iPad-like functionality you are used to.
iOS programmers can utilize iPadian to get a rich experience. The learning of the iOS interface was very handy to me - I found it highly appropriate. You can easily tell that this is a real deal since its feel. It accurately replicates iMessage and Siri under Apple's iOS 10 and 5. You can take the time to play the iOS simulation when you download it. If you plan on switching to an iOS system, I urge you to take a look at this software. A test is a good way to see if iOS is up to the task without committing permanently.
In an addition to having a stunning iOS simulation which is free and available both on your Windows desktop and for tablet, iPadian brings many innovative features into your laptop that set it apart from any other.
It is a simulator program which allows you to take your Apple iPad and model it on a Windows device. It makes it easier to switch from Apple's iOS to Windows. It is also perfect if you prefer your Apple iPad look and feel on Windows.Operating systems based on Microsoft Windows, however. iPads have a single copy. If you don't have one, make sure you have your backups set up correctly.does not allow the simulation of IPA applications.
iPadian is a free to download Apple iOS simulator designed for Windows operating systems, it gives users the impression of using the latest version of iOS on a computer. It shows the appearance, design and basic features of an Apple device but does not create a local version of the iOS. The program comes with many functions, it includes a quick access sidebar, iMessages, Facebook widgets, and integration with Siri. There is no charge for the Pro version of iPadian.
Many users of iPadian feel the device to be one of the best simulation tools on iOS. Those of us who buy the iPhone would prefer a product where the play store is available as opposed to those of other apple products without it. Users can play it around with more than 1000 applications, which provides them with an in-depth understanding of the technology. Compared to Apple devices, the device is not only visually similar, but is also designed and styled so that it feels very Apple.
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