by Robin Keir

A small program that you can use to determine your IP addresses - Both WAN and LAN.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Robin Keir

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Last revision: Last week

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IP2 is a very small utility that allows you to determine the IP address of your computer, both on the local network and the WAN IP address. Thus, this means a computer set up to use its local network will be shown an IP address where its connection to the internet originates if its location is within the local network, and that will also indicate the access to the Internet from the Internet via the address.

In contrast with other Internet utilities, which do not show where you can connect to your computer in case you need to know the IP address where you will connect to a computer "from outside" (such as for virtual games, remote control, etc.), this program shows where your computer can

It is not unusual for both the WAN address and the local IP address to coincide. In the case of dial-in Internet connection, this can happen to you.connections to the network and does not have a hardware NAT router attached to it. It is unlikely that your computer will have the Internet as it does when using any router or other equipment to access it using your local network. Typically, such addresses take the shape of letters around ten.1.2.3 or There is no easy way to find out who your real address is because the entire Internet community already knows who your real address is. And in that case, the IP2 utility will help you.

Your IP address can sometimes be difficult to determine with one small application called IP2. Both WAN and LAN.
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