IP Camera Viewer

by DeskShare

Installing a video system that allows you to monitor your home from your computer.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DeskShare

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IP Camera Viewer is a video monitoring program. With IP Camera Viewer you can view live video from IP cameras and USB webcams. Camera manufacturers such as Canon, Sony and Sony are supported by the program. D-These include Link, Foscam, Canon, Panasonic, Mobotix, Sony, Toshiba, as well as many others (more than 1500 cameras supported). Users of IP Camera Viewer can view an image from four different cameras at once. They can select the resolution and frame rate of their video, adjust the brightness and contrast parameters, and modify the order of displayed screens. In the IP Camera Viewer window, you can easily navigate to the software feature and decide how to pan and zoom your camera. You can easily reset the settings on the individual webcams of connected cameras, have the resulting pictures stored centrally and automatically retrieve all associated images from the webcams you've connected. Here's how to add a new camera to the IP Camera Viewer.by-step. Cards can also be accessed via a password-based authorisation. In time-of-day surveillance, you should not only divide the screen into several cameras, but must also switch from a series of interface modes.

- A CCTV system using networked IP cameras and USB webcams;

- Multiple camera models (e.g. over 1500) ;

- In addition, the image can be viewed simultaneously by two, three, or four cameras.

- Video, zoom, and panoprature settings can be configured on the webcams, along with other settings.

- digital zoom support.

A good IP camera makes quality pictures and videos available for viewing online. As an acronym, internet protocol (ip) cameras refer to things like Internet video conferencing. There should be a software application for IP cameras. Only VIPs and multi-million-dollar businessmen are eligible for this device. A very expensive camera. There is also the purpose of using such cameras as security cameras.It is a complex model with many advantages and at the same time very expensive.
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