IP Camera

by Marius Gligor

Free camera monitoring software right from your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Marius Gligor

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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IP Camera is a NT service where you can turn your regular USB webcam into a networked IP camera and use ASF (Advanced Systems Format) technology to record and stream audio and video. To play such files containing streaming audio and video, you need to have a player with appropriate support.

For example, you can use Windows Media Player version 9 or later to play mms://host:port or http://host:port addresses, where the host is the address of the computer where IP Camera is installed and running and the port is the port used for broadcasting. Default port is 8080 for Linux. The address mms:// external driver will operate efficiently if you run the radio test with 8080 on the local network.

Based on this software, a user who uses USB webcam can have an IP camera view without doing any additional work. There are a variety of media files that can be played with this program, including audio and images captured from streaming media. By connecting the client to a networked media server via webcam, users have the freedom to retrieve their media files. I like this software very much.
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