Transfer files between your PC and IPhone

Operating system: Windows

Release: IOTransfer

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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IOtransfer for windows is a great tool for people who like to transfer files a lot, you don't even have to use iTunes to get use of this program! From this program, you may manage your photos between your computer and iPhone, or maybe the iPad as well.. You can use one, or more depending on your device; the hardware is all interchangeable, but you can also use this software, to use it over a wireless router and create a picture. Also, IOtransfer is designed to let you stream your own music to all of your network devices at once. For example, if one song is on another device, you can transfer it all for free to another so that you do not have to download it to a different device.All people can participate in the course for free. It is the same process as transferring photos, videos, and music, you can use IOtransfer to transmit them using a network, and no longer can you rely on iTunes to transfer data between devices anymore as well. The IO transfer tool lets you to also back up your contacts. The program has made doing everything electronically, including all your files and stuff, very easy indeed. In all transfers, there will be no work required as you simply choose how you want to transfer. Direct downloads of video can also be made available to your devices.


  • one click download
  • easy transfers
  • hassle free
  • music and video included

the conclusion is that IOtransfer will give you the opportunity to transfer all the files that you need seamlessly through a network that's connected to your devices and you don't have to use iTunes anymore, it's completely wireless and you don't have to have the hassle of using a pc to do all your transferring anymore its all done through IOtransfer

Easy transfer of files.
IOTransfer is perfect if you are a user of Microsoft Windows, and you also have an iPhone or iPad. This easy to use tool allows you to transfer files between your iPhone or iPad and Windows device. If you have photos or music, this software allows you to transfer those files between all of your devices. This software also supports video transfer. Best of all, it is free to use, while allowing you to transfer files between your devices almost effortlessly.
If you often find yourself in the need to transfer files, a multitude of files –then IOtransfer for windows is an excellent software to use. With IOtransfer you’ll find features such as one click downloads, quick transfers, the ability to migrate music and video all done seamlessly through a network and wifi environment. Third party applications such as iTunes aren’t necessary and with a few clicks your files can be transferred in a flash.
I think this could be a great feature to have. I have been in the situation where it is time consuming to get files from my iPhone to my laptop or vice versa. A quick way to transfer files is something I've been looking for.
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