Internet Lock

by TopLang Software

There is an affordable option, Internet Lock, that gives you the control to limit the access of your online accounts and programs to your computer.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TopLang Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Internet Lock - The program uses this program in order to create special rules designed to ensure that only the programs you use on the Internet are permitted to access it. Creating an IP address and domain list as well as which users can use your Internet connection can be an easy process. A password can be chosen for each regulated program, completely n the control program, which completely excludes the possibility of access to the network by third parties. In working mode, the utility displays a listing of all the options to be blocked at any given moment. Also, it provides information of the entries to be reentered later, after which time has passed.

There are several reasons why this utility is regarded as useful, in particular, the fact that it has a nice design and will not cause problems even for those who don't need much processing power when not using the program. On top of that, it won't load the processor andpower machines.

- An interesting graphical interface is a nice touch;

- Applying rules to a new application; having the ability; and so forth.

- Choose a password for each application.

- In addition to domain names, IP addresses, and port allocations, your IP address will have full control.

- undemanding system resources;

- When your password needs to be reset, enter it again.

It's a great touch-based graphical interface that will allow you to create rules and reset passwords in controlled programs. Setting up custom IP addresses, domains, and ports is within the user's control. Computers using lower end processor can run quite smoothly since none of the parts will load.
everyone's favorite Internet product at the right time since so many people now use this site, so why wouldn't it be available on the Internet?? Keeping information safe online is important for everyone. Anyone can benefit as long as they take this responsibility seriously. In addition to this product, it significantly simplifies the use of safety net while on the net.
By combining password security and permission management tools with the Internet Lock software, you can ensure the safety and security of your online data. Using Internet Lock, you have full control over how you access the Internet and what applications you run on your device. Using Internet Lock can help prevent users from viewing inappropriate or unwanted webpages by regulating your Internet connectivity, managing internet applications and sites on specific IP addresses, prohibit access to websites on specific IP addresses, and control how users access any website they use. When software that is password protected attempts to access the internet, Internet Lock will prompts the user to set up a password so the application can run. Web Lock enables users to secure online software and communicate by creating a password.
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