Internet Explorer 9

by Microsoft

The ninth version of Internet Explorer available for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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New versions: Internet Exporer 10, Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 9 is Microsoft's attempt to reach out to its already far-reaching competitors. For this version of IE, IE is similar to popular browsers such as Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. Different browsers have been used to retrieve a number of functions. An IE page that contained a tabbed interface, visual bookmarks, and a set of quickly accessible site addresses was finally made available.An interesting feature of Internet Explorer 9 is the search for site addresses while the user is typing them. A search occurs only on the internet, and does not take into account the history of the site. This is why most browsers now include an address before you write a message. Several popular browsers do not provide this feature, but Google Chrome has borrowed it from them. Fixing a bookmark is a very simple process on Windows taskbars. You can run an application directly from the taskbar if you have to access a specific page while it remains open. Although IE does not support locking tabs on the browser tab bar (similar to Firefox and Chrome), it does have this feature. What's more convenient is for you to decide.

Internet Explorer 9 provides protection against malicious sites, graphical hardware acceleration, and support for all the latest standards.

Personal opinion of the editor

Despite the fact that Internet Explorer can now be called a modern browser, many users remain distrustful of it. IE was the only operating system available as a separate program, and thus became popular exclusively because Microsoft provided the operating system itself. Since then, the situation hasn't changed. IE 7's last attempt at saving the problem is unlikely to significantly increase browser usage. company itself stated even more obviously the possibility that the company itself has talked about the possibility of including Firefox, not IE, in Windows! I guess there's nothing more I can say...

- Video, text, and graphics all have their hardware accelerated. A cross-reference between Internet Explorer 9 and previous versions can be found on that page.Its purpose is to identify and destroy malicious scripts on the site. Default is set to enable the function.

- Domain Name Allocation: Selecting a domain name for a suspicious site can be one of the ways to avoid getting caught up with. Using Internet Explorer 9, it's easier to check whether the domains you visit are secure at glance, thanks to the option to highlight the address bar with the domain name.

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