Internet Explorer 10

by Microsoft

A comprehensive internet browser optimized for Windows 7 and above

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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New version: Internet Explorer 11. Old version: Internet Explorer 9

Many users are biased against Internet Explorer, believing that the software built into the system is not worthy of attention. Although Internet Explorer is commonly believed to be characterized with low speed and an inefficient plug-in solution, there is no concrete evidence to back this assertion.ins. This opinion is fundamentally flawed, and we should therefore make it clear right away. It would take less than one step with the monster of web surfing if this application were continuously improved using development controls of the developers as well as a close supervision of each development process. The Mozilla Firefox browser, Chrome browser, and Opera browser are all available for download. Versions of this program have a more sophisticated and faster operation interface. You can watch videos without hanging up thanks to new hardware acceleration technologies.Ensure the smooth operation of web page content by providing security and ups and downs. The modern version of Internet Explorer looks ergonomic, fits neatly into a small device pocket and allows users to view icons with carefully adjusted sizes.

You can run multiple web resources with a single click with the browser. With Tab functionality, you can access multiple sites at the same time to perform reliable and quick work. By quick switching between tabs, your daily work experiences are more comfortable. As for Internet Explorer's pop-up dialogs, they are displayed in a special notification panel and can be viewed from the bottom of the work window instead. By using this program, you will never have to respond to annoying system messages anymore. You will still be able to obtain valuable information and watch videos without being distracted. One of Internet Explorer's greatest assets is its excellent security policy. Script filter is built into the program to safeguard your data. viruses can memorize key combinations when typing login / password, preventing your personal information from being compromised. Frequently released updates from developers provide extra protection against PC infections.

It will make this site appear different from viral pages if you highlight the domain. Having this feature makes the process of finding frequently visited sites even easier. Optional plug-By adding elements to the Explorer in any way possible, users may customize its functionality. You can subscribe to RSS feeds from the web in other ways, such as streaming them. In addition to fresh information, you'll see an array of existing content if you browse your browser when you're subscribed to them.

- The speed of operation is high; but also the safety features.

- It plays smooth media on the screen; ;

- Adding bookmarks is possible as well;);

- The ability to work using multiple tabs simultaneously;

- Data protection in a very high level; ng t a high level of user data protection;

- built-in phishing filter;

- Certificates that withstand high levels of reliability;

- The use of a touch screen for developing an intuitive and modern interface.

- The ability to integrate the right plugins.

- Providing automatic news feeds on the fly; ed of the news feeds;

- Identify which sites are classified as high security sites??

- You can easily adjust the content scale and display on a webpage.

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