Intel Wireless Display

Interact with various types of multimedia on more than one screen

Operating system: Windows

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Intel Wireless Display for Windows is a device you can use to simply and conveniently stream multimedia from any desktop or laptop computer display onto your compatible HDTV or HDMI monitor wirelessly. Direct cable ties to a television set or PC are not in place at this time.-Direct broadcast between the computer and TV can be detected.


  • Windows 10/8/7 compatible
  • Easy to setup
  • 4K Ultra HD displays supported
  • The file size of 206MB

You can binge-On Netflix and Hulu, you can stream your favorite shows, listen to music, upload your old family photos, check out dozens of apps just as you would a smartphone, and even see funny cat videos.

This device can be carried with the body of the device.

Intel Wireless Display, or WiDi for short, was invented in 2006 and introduced to the consumer public in 2010. Based on Windows 10 and 8, Windows 7, and Windows 8, there is an area of 206MB for each model.The total downloads stand at 27,764 as of Jan 12th, 2015.

Even though there is some obvious reasoning behind it-the television must be Intel as well.The ly and correctly. The latest version of Intel Wireless Display software must also be installed on your computer. The best performance starts with keeping your PC and WiDi streaming devices as close as possible.

Besides its portability, ease of use, and ability to convert your TV screen into a second monitor, WiDi also lets you stream music, which can keep your online productivity high, and use the function if you're working offline while taking photos, surfing the web, or playing games online A disadvantage is that you cannot play disc copies (DVD and Blu Ray disc) while WiDi is enabled: The only one is that you cannot play any DVD or Blu Ray discs while WiDi is enabled; Moreover, you cannot purchase this product on every street corner.

The earlier versions of the software were only capable of supporting 780p or 1080p resolutions, while later versions had support for 4K Ultra HD displays.

The Intel Wireless Display for Windows is my top pick.It is a process of putting content in front of a monitor. My laptop and TV use makes up the majority of the video usage. This app is even free. There is no requirement for purchasing anything like Chromecasts and Firesticks. people should use those free programs a lot more than they do now! The song means a lot to me.
There is a program that allows me to link the Intel wireless display to Windows, which I found online. the following note regarding recent changes to support the product: recently intel does not provide email, chat or call back support for this product. Would it be best to download the latest version and use it, if Intel's support didn't last? I had a bit of a problem.
This software is the only one of its kind that is as useful as it is easy to use. My laptop turns into a projector when I use my Intel wireless display for Windows. When I select video content to display on my television screen, the display actually transforms my laptop into a projector. I have been receiving an email notification every time I'm streaming on my device using this powerful piece of software thanks to the developers of it.
with the Intel Wireless display on your window Intel wireless stands for efficient and convenient solutions for maximizing your work space. The tool runs on both laptops and desktops and comes with an Intel processor that enables you to transform your TV into a second monitor and imporved immensely. Along with this has gained numerous desirable features as well. The 5GHz WiFi standard and support for up to 4K ultra HD is a wonderful enhancement for this machine, and you can enjoy it on your big screen. The best wireless software is able to stream movies, songs, and videos from Intel Display computers.
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