Intel WiDi Media Share

Send multimedia content from a computer to an external screen

Operating system: Windows

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Intel WiDi Media Share (for Windows) makes sharing content to an external screen simple by utilizing a wireless internet connection. The Intel application offers the ability to broadcast video from a laptop to other screens that have a computer and WiFi capability.


  • Intel WiDi Media Share works with audio, image, and video content
  • Is free to use on any laptop with Windows 7 and above
  • Broadcasts video content in 4k, when applicable
  • Streams UHD (Ultra High Definition) content over wireless internet
  • Allows content on your laptop to be streamed onto any cell phone, tablet, or smart TV connected to wireless internet

Intel WiDi Media Share gives you the ability to show the room your media without the hassle of cables, installing large files, or bad connections. With Intel WiDi Media Share, using a wireless connection lets you enjoy your content more quickly and easily. Intel's WiDi Media Share is a simple way to expand the capacity of your television, cell phone, or tablet without the hefty cost.

This application can be used by both beginners and experts, as it has an attractive interface and provides easy navigation through the task bar.

Because Intel WiDi Media Share is a small tool, it typically installs in about half the time it occupies.Therefore, for installation, you won't have to clear out all the extra space on your device. Streaming slideshows, videos, and collections via Intel WiDi Media Share is relatively simple. This easy-to-use, appealing device will appeal to both tech- savvy and non-tech-savvy customers, regardless of the method for connecting it to the Internet.savvy you are. This innovative Intel software is available for free on a Windows-compatible laptop, a second device of your choice and an integrated wireless connection.

Operating systems and devices based on Windows 7 or higher can use the application.

There is no English version of Intel WiDi Media Share.

Mei Yun Jiang
anyone who wishes to transmit data from a computer screen to an external monitor using the Internet to do so for a fee can find Widi Media useful. In spite of this program's ability to cast content without cables, users may still face lag since there is no dedicated signal receiving device.
As an employer, I often rely on Intel WiDi Media Share to perform my daily tasks. It allows multiple Intel computers to transmit content over the internet via any other screen similar to a monitor using one processor speed. You can send any type of media, whether it is an audio file or a picture. Through this software, I can collaborate with my colleague.Using only one screen, workers can display information efficiently and independently instead of having to search for data through their laptops. Working off of it, as well as working on it with ease.
Its neatness lies in the fact that it runs on a wide variety of devices (apple,samsung, etc) besides these mentioned above..The WiDi protocol seems to be an upcoming game-changer.
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