Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

by Intel

You can easily overclock, tweak, and change the settings in Intel's Core i7 processor.based systems

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Intel

Release: Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Intel Extreme Tuning Utility allows all Intel-A motherboards user's very valuable and accurate information about that specific computer even before their very crucial knowledge about its BIOS as a whole. You can find out how much voltage your PC voltage, how big the fan is, and in what order.

There's one other thing to note about this: it's a highly-accurate overclocking, tuning, and monitoring tool that has a big loading area. In addition, a manual option that allows users to tweak and fine-tune their processors and Intel graphics is included along with a bus and voltage and memory data. The following sliders might disappear if your computer system is not capable of supporting them.

In addition to Stress Test modules, which provide instructions on how to use the system to exercise your Computer, memory, and graphics, Stress Test modules, they have on the program can indicate whether or not your overclocked computer is stable enough to run.

It overclocks a computer's CPU when it has been built with Intel.

ouse can select an overclocker profile system with which they can save and recall adjustments. In order to offer maximum performance you are set to a high setting that can allocate the maximum amount of energy while preserving speeds at a minimum through a mode of energy saving. It's very dangerous to overclock your PC and a system can even become overheat as a result. I would recommend you only use the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility for overclocking if you know exactly what you are doing and you can accept and own up to the risk that could come from overclocking the CPU.

Despite having a powerful utility, it is only suitable for a few different operating systems, which include Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), and Windows 8 (32 bit). In addition to overclocking your computer CPU and graphics card, this program is freely available for download.

Provides information on how to operate a computer with Windows to anyone with Intel hardware. can track your computer in addition to providing you insight, at the same time. When the monitor is turned on, your computer will be excusable to make your PC efficient, safe, as well as productive.
Edwin Lopez
it is a great product to make sure your computer runs the most, whether you're racing your car or performing extreme physical tasks throughout the day.
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Charlie Loftis
'Intel Extreme Tuning Utility' lets you overclock the performance of your computer with its full capabilities. browse and play games in the fastest and most efficient way possible. you have to try - it's official Intel material that can work with Intel products.
Even more impressively, it was made by Intel, the official company. is 32-bit, whereas Intel Extreme Tuning Utility for Windows 64-bit is 32-bit.This bitware allows experience users to monitor a computer, overclock it, and be bothered by it. I have always loved gaming and think this feature will benefit both me and anyone else who plays such games, especially since we do live in a world where gamers are the majority. In addition to monitoring your computer, it also allows you to detect a number of problems with your machine.
I highly recommend the Intel Extreme tuning Utility, which allows me to maximize performance from my central processing unit. As well as overclocking the CPU, monitoring its performance such as temperature or stress, and performing a variety of actions regarding it, it enables you to manage and improve the performance of your server. You can only add extra value to this useful software by downloading it for free.
Using the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility software for Windows enables me to change many devices across all of the Microsoft Windows devices manually. Temperatures can even be configured with this software. Windows users won't need much help installing this Intel Extreme Tuning Utility software. Several significant updates have been made to this program so that it can be used in a better way. I have found that it really works to my advantage.
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