Interactive Puzzle Game that features various animals

Operating system: Windows

Release: Insaniquarium

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Insaniquarium features brilliant colors and lifelike creatures. There are only two in this single...Platforms for the game are Microsoft Windows, Java, Windows Mobile, and Palm OS, and there are approximately 300,000 games on it each year.


  • Multiple Game Settings
  • Free Download
  • Minimum Requirements Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, 128 MB RAM, 500MHz, DirectX:7.0
  • Can be used with Steam Controller

Insaniquarium is an interactive game that allows its user the freedom to travel through open-In various places, we construct the structures that provide lighting for the screen. Designed in a way so you feel like you are playing the role you are being portrayed. Each level provides you with more and more experiences underwater because of the stunning underwater platforms. It's hard to believe that you've been in the water longer than a week.

The main advantage of Insaniquarium is its ability to immerse players in an underwater environment based on real action.

Whether it is exploring the mysteries of Insaniquarium, or thinking new things, the puzzles can keep you entertained. Besides a variety of time challenges, there is also the Sea-Shaped Trek, in which you will explore your experience as a sea creature to stay more engaged. You can play the game with your family or friends thanks to the game's rating of E for Everyone.

You can choose between Adventure Mode, Time Trail, Challenge Mode, and Virtual Tank to play on many different platforms. This mode features five tanks where participants must navigate obstacles to reach their goal. The players will need to play quickly and cunning throughout the game so that they can purchase things they need. I saw that Time Trail Mode is quick-paced and requires some quick thinking while Challenge Mode had the same approach as Adventure Mode, except I guess Adventure Mode was a little too casual. People to me like being pushed to the edge. The Virtual Tank Mode rewards your character with some monetary value. Players will have to use every skill they've learned along the way to defeat Cyrax, the last boss of Adventure Mode.

I'm confident that you will enjoy this great game just as much as everyone else.

Luci W
For me, this game is a game that I might as well download to my OS. offers stunning colors and interesting options, which makes it very appealing. We only play wholesome games when they challenge the mind and improve concentration within our household. We're so pleased our household is going to play Insaniquarium, since it looks healthy to us.
This arcade and action title is based in Japan and describes itself as an aquarium game. Featuring many different types of animals and a variety of gameplay modes, it is an entertaining puzzle game. The in-shells represent game currency, since there are those who desire strategic or a game based on animals.
Jayden Key
games, and one based on Windows 8 and a higher high. It gives kids interesting gameplay that can last the time. I think it serves as an excellent educational resource and entertains children due to its graphics. Click until the aliens fall off of the screen to defeat them. Games like this aren't essential, but they serve as a good source of quick passing time.
During this lock-down, I have learned so much about Insaniquarium. As a sport, it has plenty of appeal, including being easy to learn, exciting, challenging, etc. This game is loved by my kids as well as me. In this game, the fishes can win coins and rewards by winning the game which makes them happy, which is a good way to increase their gameplay. In addition to eating the colorful fishes, the aliens were also fascinated by them. Insaniquarium is very good at what it does. I find it extremely addictive.)
For a long time, I have wanted a pet of some kind. Your own can now be found in the next video game. How cool. I haven't stopped playing Insaniquarium for Windows for the past several weeks. The whole experience is so enjoyable. This is a strategy game that has only one player and I utilize my PC to play it. A nice display of graphics for my pets. My pets are so nice. Since I collect coins to feed fish, I buy weapons to encourage them to fight.