Input Director

by The OpenSSL Project

We no longer need to use an expensive KVM switch.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: The OpenSSL Project

Release: Input Director v1.4.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Input Director takes the place of a hardware KVM switch allowing users to use one keyboard and mouse for multiple network connected computers.


  • Free for non-commercial use.
  • Simple use is the best way to use it.
  • You can use multiple monitor setups.
  • Software-Using our shared keyboard shortcut of Copy and Paste Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, we are able to paste both images between computers.
  • Windows OS Compatible from Windows XP through Windows 10.
  • In a move between various monitors, mouse and keyboard are easily interchangeable.
  • By simply typing this key, all of your computers can be secured, and each logged out at once.
  • encryption is done utilizing an AES algorithm, which is joined to a 128 bit, 192 bit or 255 bit.bit key.
  • It is up to System Administrators whether access is restricted or lock it out. Use Host Name, IP address, and network Subnet in order to restrict access.
  • After taking a jump to a new monitor and system for a few seconds, ripples in the cursor appear.
  • so you are not tempted to switch between monitors accidentally.
  • Various keyboard macro commands can be set up to combat repetitious keystrokes since each program is customized.
  • In addition to all keyboard functions set to system settings, only selected ones will be displayed in the computer. This includes everything from light sources such as Number Lock, Caps Lock, and more.
  • A single set of software allows for the automation of all mouse controls.

Input Director is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8/8.There are four networks: (1) Windows 7, 2) Windows 2008 for computers, 3) Windows 2003, 2004), and 4) Windows XP(SP2) that is networked.

There is software in which keyboard and mouse pairs can be accessed simultaneously.
There is no complicated steps involved in this. Microsoft's programs can be run with it. There has been a 4 out of 5 star rating for it. If you are not a fan of this system, you can utilize it for free.commercial purpose. Many believe the product can easily be moved between computers when using more than one computer. The use of encryption is something I enjoy.
Jay Guo
The input director feature in Windows allows you to manage multiple computers with one control tool, such as a keyboard and a mouse... LEX!!!!! Does you want to take over the world again? As his home computer allows him to be the control and organizer of all assets, it clearly makes sense that LexCorp plastered all the computers throughout the world. Having the ability to use a single keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers can be frightening - although I have already distanced myself from software like that already. I am even suspicious if you are considering software like this... Even joking aside, this has the potential to be a very convenient way to manage multiple computers at once, since it is free, and it is probably not too bad to lose.
I really like this software product since it provides many different functions. A mouse and keyboard can be attached to any given computer (but they won't work on more than one).). A shared clipboard has a lot to do with this; if there's something inside of one computer, copy and paste it to another. This will eliminate any need for data transfer.
A one-source input source for managing multiple operating systems could not be more ideal with Input Director. It is as easy as placing a monitor in your line of vision using Input Director. Once this is done, you'll finally be able to click on one or all of them easily. Even using a single keyboard can be accomplished.
Mouse/keyboard combo with one computer that allows you to control multiple Windows systems easily. As an alternative, you may like to support a shared clipboard as well.
You can use Input Director to use multiple Windows systems on a single computer without requiring your mouse or keyboard. It is really easy to use. By moving your cursor off-screen or pressing hotkeys, Input Director makes it simple to switch between systems.To make it easier to copy from one computer to another, the software provides the option of sharing a clipboard. The program is pretty good.
For people who desire maximum productivity from both their personal computer and business computer, Input Director is incredibly useful. With this tool, one can navigate across multiple versions of windows simultaneously by moving their cursor from one device to another. The program includes multi-user capabilities as well as copying and pasting between different Windows devices.The monitor support provided by this product is crucial.
Windows Input Director is a program that offers the ability to control several computers from one laptop via input. In other words, if you sit at your desk with a keyboard and mouse, you are able to control a lot of other kinds of computers. copy from one PC to another, by using a shared clipboard shared between many computers. Set-up is straightforward and the interface looks great. My favorite thing about this one is you can lock all the connected computers at the same time, saving considerable amount of work on security.
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