by Christian Kindahl

The most commonly used dvd writer and write program on Windows comes as an open source download.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Christian Kindahl

Release: InfraRecorder 0.53(64-bit)

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Having been rated by CNET as the best disc burning software in 2007, InfraRecorder was the first of its kind in at home cd and DVD writing software. Even though InfraRecorder uses cdrtools to do the actual disc writing, the software helped to completely optimize the task and make it easy enough for anyone with interest in mixtapes or home movies to do it. In 2006, Christain Kindahl released a program called CD and DVDs that he designed to make creating, saving, and burning CDs and DVDs a breeze. Free of charge, Chrislain distributed InfraRecorder throughout the community, enabling many to benefit from the technology while taking advantage of a highly affordable writing tool. As of today, InfraRecorder can be used with all Windows Operating systems, except those that are older than Windows 2000, and even Windows 64-bit is supported.To install Microsoft versions for Windows bits. With the 64-Many versions of Ogg Vorbis still lack compatibility with MinGW on Windows, which renders both its Vorbis decoder and libsnd library useless. Because it was released thirteen years ago, this software has evolved and changed as it has become more popular and complex with its users. InfraRecorder can now burn both video and sound separately on discs, adding to its capabilities in recent updates. Some recent upgrades of InfraRecorder support rewritable discs, multisession discs, WAV file extraction, and ISO document conversion. The tool is capable of saving Audio file contents from CDs through the LAME MP3. Anybody and everyone can benefit from this system, because it is simple to use and quite useful software.

Writes cd and dvds on your home computer

  • Write CD's
  • Write DVDs
  • Supports disc rewriting and dual-layer DVDs
  • Can extract WAV and ISO image files
  • Can save audio files using LAME MP3
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