Incognito Gone

by wmwood

Use of your browser removes the incognito function.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: wmwood

Release: Incognito Gone

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Incognito Gone is software that removes the ability for a computer to hide it's browsing history. Those who don't want their kids to be able to browse without creating an extensive history are the target group. There is a default mode which most internet browsers utilize, called an incognito mode, which masks any kind of browsing activity enabled by the browser. This feature makes it easy for children to monitor the kinds of things they see online, but some parents find that their privacy is being restricted. Using the software, the children will be unable to browse without leaving a paper trail that highlights their activities so far.

It is noted that the software is not meant for someone who wants to be able to turn the feature on and off whenever he or she would like. Since Incognito Gone completely removes the incognito ability permanently, it is only recommended that the software is used by individuals who are aware that this is an irreversible change. There is fortunately no need to panic when installing the software, because there is a warning box shortly after you start it. By selecting this button, users are reminded that they have to accept or deny the change that they're about to make. Because of this, one is not likely to accidentally remove the incognito feature.

You can download the software for free, but there's a chance you may donate to the developer if you wish.

Provides an effective means of blocking access to unauthorized web sites.

  • The ability to mask internet activity on computers should be removed.
  • Ensure parents that their children don't keep track of what they're doing on the internet.
  • Make sure that kids do not spend any time online alone.
  • Create an environment in which your family is more engaged-friendly internet atmosphere.
  • If you are not able to afford a professional internet safety officer, this option could be just right for your family. It is also important to verify that this is what you are trying to do, as changing the system cannot be reversed.
Jeff Koning
Parents, are you concerned about what your children are browsing on the internet? Would you like to be able to always see all of their internet history? With Incognito Gone, your children will not be able to erase their browser history ever again. It is a permanent, free (donation driven) program that will allow for a more honest and safe browsing experience for the entire family. Once installed, you will be prompted to accept that internet history can no longer be erased. Then you can relax and let your children explore again, knowing they are not out there alone.
Incognito Gone is not useful. Why would someone want to remove incognito browsing? Secured corp networks have access to browser windows through server data, making this software irrelevant. A consumer either uses incognito browsing or does not. Not using incognito browsing does not affect a browsing experience in any way.
If you feel unsafe with your children browsing the internet without your supervision, Incognito Gone for Windows is a great program that you can run to turn off Incognito on your web browser. This will make it so you can monitor the websites and searches your child is making, allowing you to keep them safer even when you aren't able to supervise them. Highly recommended!
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