A virtual game world where people use avatars to meet up

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: IMVU

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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IMVU is an interesting game project that looks more like a three-Rather than creating a standalone computer game with a normal form of social networking, it is aimed at creating a virtual world in which users can create their own 3D-frames.Our characters have many dimensions, communicate with each other, and have fun at the same time. At the moment, this virtual world is regularly visited by several million people, and as a result IMVU is actively developing, offering users more and more opportunities and entertainment. You can shop, decorate parties, create three-dimensional decorations for their homes right now.This is a dimensional space where communication is facilitated.

As far as the character customization is concerned, the developer of Iron Manager has paid a lot attention. Unlike real life, the game has virtually any appearance type possible, hairstyles that can be applied, virtual character accessories, and over 10,000 clothes that can be worn. The app lets users design new clothes and furniture entirely on their own.

There are no modern graphics (IMVU was released in 2004). Nevertheless, playing it comfortably on even the smallest computer will be possible thanks to this feature.

- Players have the opportunity to interact, communicate, and have fun in a virtual world of this type.

- You can create an individual set of three by using the tool.dimensional characters;

- We offer multiple options for customization of gaming characters.

- Virtual home decoration and wardrobe items can be individually purchased through the application;);

- With millions of players, it is one of the largest online gaming systems.

IMVU 2.69 (0.07 MB)
IMVU 486.0 (0.08 MB)
IMVU 518.6 (0.23 MB)
IMVU 521.4 (34.61 MB)
IMVU 526.0 (34.61 MB)
IMVU 526.2 (35.38 MB)
IMVU 526.6 (35.39 MB)
IMVU 537.12 (37.7 MB)
IMVU 537.16 (37.7 MB)
IMVU 537.20 (37.7 MB)
IMVU 538.0 (37.7 MB)
Microsoft Office users can chat with others through IMVU. Real friends can be built on this platform through social network chatting, regardless of howavatars appear when people log in. During the virtual crafting process in the community, there is a chance to earn real money.
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