Immunet Protect Free

by Immunet Corporation

Protection system that uses cloud computing to protect against malware and viruses

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Immunet Corporation

Release: Immunet Protect Free

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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People were often exposed to great deal of bareness in the past.These are bloated and slow antivirus programs run by outdated viruses definitions. All of that is changed by the use of Immunet Protect, which features a constantly updated safety database with a huge amount of features.

The Immunet software runs on a powerful cloud computing engine that drives everything that the system does. Unlike many free antiviruses, the engine is able to always update itself with current virus standards without the user needing to manually upgrade anything. It also features a unique signature automation programming function. Virus protection from spyware to worms and keysloggers is another feature found in Immunet. No matter how much you try, Immunet will always provide what you need.

Also, Immunet boasts incredible community standards that make the program even more desirable. The Immunet support forums make it possible to consult other users and experts on any issues you may encounter while using Immunet. Moreover, by being a part of the Immunet community, users automatically become part of a global network. Basically, when one user spots a virus on their own system, the whole community is notified and that virus is isolated from all other devices with Immunet enabled.

In addition, the program itself is very fast and lightweight, measuring just 35 percent smaller than a typical antivirus program of its type. As well as being fully compatible with most current antivirus programs, Immunet is easy to install. No one will need to replace their current application to run the service. Using Immunet, you will be able to enhance your existing antivirus by providing protection against viruses and other malicious elements alike.

Provides antivirus protection by using a unique cloud computing engine that draws upon the power of community standards to improve safety

  • The active community of experts and users that post regularly on the support forum and will help you with any issues or problems you might have using the program
  • 3 different types of scans: quick, on-demand, and on-access give the user more freedom and flexibility about how they conduct their scans and how extensive those scans are
  • Extensive automatic documentation built-in to the program ensures that you will have all the relevant details and documentation about how your device is being actively secured and protected
  • File protection and management system allows users to select exactly what documents and files they want to be scanned by the program, and users can even choose which files to exclude
  • Immunet Protect is designed to operate and integrate smoothly with other antivirus software programs so that it can act as an additional layer of security instead of a replacement

Operating systems: The most popular programs are Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

It is the amazing cloud that Immunet Protect.An application that can help fight viruses in your system. The enhanced Immunet protection will ensure maximum protection, in part, since any new virus will be discovered within Immunet's network immediately and the whole network will be protected. The program runs quickly and efficiently, which is a benefit of this software. Only one scanning mode can be found at the time.
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