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Connect maps, drawings and images, and edit them with any CAD application

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Img2CAD Software

Release: Img2CAD 7.6

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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As a result of this program, we convert maps, drawings, and images into CAD programs to be edited using the CAD applications of our choice. Img2CAD is an excellent program with a very self-explanatory name. AutoCAD Document Generator is an image conversion software that allows us to quickly convert various types of pictures including JPGs, GIFs and PNGs into CAD documents.

You can also convert to EMF, TXT, and WMF. When we take pictures of something graphic design, and want the images of the design converted into AutoCAD format, this may be beneficial. Based on the simplicity and intuitiveness of its design, this app is a lot harder to use.


It is used to convert scanned images into precise vector files
  • It admits a great variety of input image, in which we can find: PNG, PCX. Besides GIF's and JPG's, there are many other kinds.
  • A variety of vector types such as HPGL, EMF, WMF are also available.
  • We managed to create central lines and different contours.
  • It allows to increase and decrease the brightness and contrast of the image.
  • Mistake correction can be implemented automatically. It should always be run together with every alignment, fragment, circle, as to be possible.
  • In large quantities, the equipment is great.
  • By eliminating the colored spots, different colors become more uniform.
  • It manages to straighten each image automatically with a reference line.

The Img2CAD application lets demonstrate that it can be a great piece of software confidence when creating AutoCAD elements from different images. As long as you have basic experience in this area and a high level of usage, this will not cause any interruptions. Considering the fact that this program has a straightforward interface and multiple feature sets, this particular application is of use and effective when using it. It gives this software good results if you make sure that you properly use it.

The software is very useful, it allows you to get outstanding results regardless of what you have ever done before.

Nick Ellis
Among other benefits, this is an excellent product for your engineering project prototype.
Diego Fristoe
It may well be a boon for the product to accept a large number of file types, but the fact that it's easy to use for newcomers probably means that some fine tuning functions that can be accomplished by expert users are lost.
Through this application, your users can convert a wide range of files and forms into AutoCAD files for their work on the project. can be used quickly and efficiently by anyone in their first few weeks with the software. It can be used to batch process a variety of orders as well.
Arthur Haley
Though it has raster lines only, Img2CAD has a high cost for the Windows version. There are no vector lines on this, but, in spite of the fact that this is an advanced material that is 10 years out of date, no it isn't atrocious. At the price of the 2010 versions, adobe does this at a very reasonable level. Because I mg2cad's features and capabilities cannot be justified at $100, I wouldn't consider using this program. Even people with little knowledge about Photoshop could make this work.
For my windows to work again, I have to back up my images with Windows imaging software. There is never enough to know. There is nothing I would rather lose than important files. One image can be accessed at a time from this program, and it's super fast. As well as handling drivers, it's easy for users to save time. I recommend using this as a personal computer because it offers a single image management. Before I bought it, I downloaded it for a free trial period.
It is recommended that you use a good software program to convert photos. Fast and efficient, This product has never caused a problem to me.
Would you like to edit some of the drawings that you've scanned?? Please use Img2CAD to meet your needs. enables CAD programs to generate EMF files, DXF files, HPGL files, and so on from scanned images. In Img2CAD, there are plenty of file types that are compatible, so there is no need to worry when your image cannot display properly. In addition to providing many features to correct, fix, and prepare your graphics for the CAD application you choose, Img2CAD is also the middle ground between many other CAD solutions and one of the most useful.Between your creativity and necessity is a man.
The above-This app is all about image conversion, using DXF, HPGL, WMF, you can convert all different formats of images. Moreover, by using such types of software, we can adjust the resolution and brightness of the image as much or as little as we prefer.
This program automates the process of converting scanned images to vector files. it has multiple options for exploring the files, including JPG, JPE, JPG, GIF etc., and it is a powerful editing suite for windows. Everyone should have access to this explorer software. This software can be used to prepare professional images in several formats.
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