by Chun Sejin

Image and animation viewer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Chun Sejin

Release: Imagine 1.1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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I've been using Imagine for a very long time and still have it as my main image viewing application. My hobbies are about simple things - the same thing that always made me happy. Despite the fact that it may seem outdated, I find it to be very easy to use. It doesn't matter what tradition my home country has, I can still use this app. Having used this since its release, I am a professional photographer. Seeing all of my pictures is very convenient since there is a clear thumbnail viewer that helps me organize photos quickly and easily. Hundreds of photos are displayed at once, allowing me to get a general idea of their effectiveness without needing to open them. In addition to converting your photos to a variety of formats, you can also choose what format to use. By doing batch conversions, you won't have to spend as much time on them each time. Using it, I don't have to deal with clients needing to create their own formats very often. Also included in this application is a feature which provides all of the information associated with your photos. Size, compression, and date and time information are available. The program may be older, but it still has many useful features.

I have used this program for a few years and it is equipped with an animation editor I enjoy. It is possible to take a bunch of pictures you have drawn up and convert them into GIFs. Creating an actual animation of it will look beautiful. There's a way to edit the keyframes of your animated sequences on the program, and you can also create some really cool videos. Over the years, I've worked with this tool for a number of different companies. I think I just like the overall nostalgia of Imagine. It feels comfortable to me. In my opinion, today's photo programs tend to focus too much on having hundreds of features that will make you stand out. It's okay to want the basic things and no nonsense sometimes. Whenever they stop updating it or Windows stops supporting it, I'll probably keep using it. In my opinion, it's a free application that I shouldn't have to pay for anymore. For nearly 16 years, I have been using it.

It isn't that's your cup of tea; the program is an older one, but I enjoy it. Using this app, you can view and convert photos and animation in an easy-to-use interface.

Helps you view and convert various images and animations

  • High-speed image save/transfer
  • 64 Bit version available
  • Various image file support
  • Unicode version option
  • Thumbnail browser
A powerful, Design & photography software for free, wonderful application have easy to use interface with Compatibility for most formats, Batch conversion, Integration with Windows Explorer and also could work for most versions of windows even win95 and its really a positive gesture of the application. This service is free for a long time, and there is no need to register. It's a pleasure working with the developers. Thanks so much.
The computer has been crashing a lot lately. My main concern was finding a software that would back up all my documents. Windows can do this if that is what you think. My computer took advantage of it by installing it. Easy to use. My data can be backed up to external drives using it. Terabyte files can be generated by the system. You have to pay for it. I highly recommend it.
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