Image Resizer

by Brice Lambson

Free program to resize images direct from Explorer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Brice Lambson

Release: Image Resizer 3.1.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Image Resizer for Windows is a free, open-Using Windows Explorer, the software gives you a precise resize on images taken from Microsoft equipment. As a reminder, it only works with Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0. Image Resizer is meant for the basic resizing and slight modifying of images, which works with programs like the Windows Photos app or Microsoft Paint. In addition, Microsoft owns and operates many tools, software, devices, and services to shape and wield the images offered to their clients. A bit primitive in comparison to other image editors, Image Resizer does a good job at reserving images. No two files are exactly the same, so Image Resize shouldn't be taken as your default. Resizes are handled entirely by this program, which has the same name as it sounds. that from that perspective, it is very convenient, works perfectly, just by right-clicking it into your computer.In the pop-up menu, click on the "resize pictures" option that is directly above the image taken from Windows Explorer or File Explorer.You can increase your image exposure by changing your menus. Open the main interface of Image Resizer by clicking this button, and you will see four main views.The ability to resizing, as well as settings for the sizes of your images (small, medium, large, and mobile). You have the option to adjust or expand pictures in the custom options. A user may adjust their image restraint settings by setting the Windows application to automatically operate once each usage has ended. When the user has modified the image, the original image remains in the same file as the adjusted one.

Other features include overwriteability and removing all hyperlinks when no second image is needed for the modified version. In Image Resizer, there are only two "preferences" available: "The only time images can be shrunk" which reduces the enlarged size of images for ones with less resolution than the one the image was originally printed out. It is possible to adjust the position of rotate images under the program.If it exists in the future, a system of this advanced nature could be used. The "coming soon" message should come through when you try to access it. However, it does indicate that the option of editing default sizes and changing JPEG quality, as well as reducing file size and custom names saved, are coming soon.


An open-source program specifically for Microsoft Windows that resizes and manipulates images
  • Easy to Use
  • Simple Upload
  • Supports Locking and Unlocking Aspect Ratios
  • Drag and Drop Support
  • Accessible in English, German, Dutch, and Spanish languages
There is a software application called Image Resizer that comes with Windows called Image Resizer for Windows that must be installed when you are uploading or downloading photos, videos, or anything that involves pictures on your computer. In addition to this software helping me greatly, as you can resize images to make them smaller, as well as preventing or rectifying the issue of the excessive size, there is something very user-friendly in it too.!
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