iFree Skype Recorder

by ExtraLabs Software

The IFree Skype recorder features a powerful and easy to use interface.to-Skype calls can be recorded with the help of this tool.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ExtraLabs Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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iFree Skype Recorder is a program that allows you to record your conversations and conferences in Skype. Any manual recording may be carried out, or an automatic recording may be automatically processed if needed in conjunction with the call recorder. Recording is also accessible through a dedicated button. Recording and other parameters, as necessary, can also be adjusted: The program saves mp3 content by default. As an alternative the following files can be used. Either record both sides of the phone or record only one if you select the source (we will do automatic recording for you as well). Aside from the window in which Skype Recorder displays all saved files, which allows the user to listen to selected records by following their history, it has also built in an app that provides access to the files saved on the app.

When you start iFree Skype Recorder for the first time, a window will open where you will need to allow the program to access Skype.

- Simple to operate:

- How to convert from mp3 format; to audio format.

- There are several recording slots on this player.

- An unlimited number of subscriptions from a subscriber);

- An mp3 recording is composed tional qualities of the recording;

- Recording either automatically or manually; eg., CDs, DVDs, etc.

- In a message window, you can use automatic responses.

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