by Auntec

A data recovery utility program

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Auntec

Release: iFonebox 3.0.4930.814

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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iFonebox an ideal program that serves as a data recovery utility for users who have lost any data or files previously. A user can easily access their computer, find and retrieve files, as well as recover deleted files, which may have been taken out of the recycling system or lost permanently. In addition, you can easily locate lost files as a direct link from a computer. Contacts, calendar entries, messages and notes, reminders, among other lost files can be recovered via this program.

iFoneboxworks with iTunes and iCloud backup and any other cloud services necessary. Therefore, it can provide users with life-saving retrieval of lost data and files as well as files that cannot be found due to irrecoverable damage. It is entirely safe and functions very fast to get back the files and data that has been lost.

iFonebox allows for files to be recovered, which are also read-The service also enables users to search a single drive only and search for lost files on the drive at the same time while you continue to work. According to which device you are looking from and how that device or source works with the drive, each method differs. Many users recommend this program to protect their documents and data over and above as a utility used to return files or even as a safety net to safeguard their files. It would be very helpful to users to review and use this program at all times because it may contain files, even if you initially don't know what you've found there, that they may wish to reuse. By providing this program for free, you get a powerful tool to use just for that. This tool provides access to photos, videos and sounds on any iOS device of any device. It's also highly effective. I highly recommend using this tool, especially when you've lost/damaged/broken an iOS device.

Allows recovery of lost data and files from any device, without hassle

  • Data recovery
  • Fast function
  • Compatible with all iOS devices
  • Allows recovery from all external sources
  • Simple recovery process
By using ISeebox, you can extract all messages from your iPhone quickly and easily. Several recovery options are available in the ifonebox software, including the iTunes and iOS apps, as well as the Cloud based recovery software.Only iPhone 4s can be downloaded from this site because the software itself is specifically designed to do so.In addition to contact details, the software can also be used to retrieve information.Among the platforms compatible with the software are Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2000, etc.
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