by ICQ

This tool is an instant messaging and VoIP client that works across platforms

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ICQ

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ICQ is a well-Users from various corners of the world use this messenger. features a window on your contacts and chats, the program lets you dial your phone number for free and send free texts.Weather conditions and messages from mobile devices are displayed. Once you sign up, you will need to set up an account via the developer's website. A group chat is initiated as soon as people add new friends or acquaintance via the contacts page.

In addition to a chat window, a time machine and multitasking function, this messenger is powerful in that it's able to deliver messages even remotely. The alarm clock makes the phone vibrate for messages. The latter are animated smileys that can only be seen by ICQ or Mail.ru Agent users. There have been many attempts to get rid of the ICQ. Occasionally, however, developers from other browsers have succeeded in doing this as well. However, ICQ appears to retain greater popularity even with the presence of a multitude of similar utilities. The ICQ has made easier communication available through the Internet, so the authors have every opportunity now to consolidate the success of this program with useful features on the fly.

- An opportunity to switch back to the original status in your chat window.

- Links to various kinds of audio and video; ;

- Contact group organization ility to group contacts;

- The term eanor sheet);

- Offline messages, including sending and receiving them offline; uch and receiving messages offline;

- A personal profile or contact menu; Developing a URL; Getting in touch.

- Establish a different theme or color scheme of the main interface;

- change of accounts;

- file transfer;

- The absence of advertising (games in the mail can be found only in one tab on the "Home page").ru);

- Being able to import message history from Miranda/QIP; and

- A 64MB memory allocation using 60MB and over;

- With VKontakte, Google Talk, Google Mail, Facebook, Yahoo! and Google.

- Updates to mobile platform users (apps and settings);

- By binding and sending your login credentials to the mobile web, you can retrieve your password again.mail.

ICQ 6.5.102 (15.19 MB)
ICQ 6.5.1041 (11.55 MB)
ICQ 10.0.12341 (34.84 MB)
ICQ 10.0.12376.0 (35.3 MB)
ICQ 10.0.12385 (35.46 MB)
ICQ 10.0.12414.0 (38.62 MB)
ICQ 10.0.12417.0 (38.63 MB)
ICQ 10.0.35464.0 (39.38 MB)
ICQ 10.0.35561.0 (39.37 MB)
ICQ 10.0.35724.0 (39.37 MB)
ICQ 10.0.36034.0 (53.47 MB)
ICQ 10.0.36068.0 (53.47 MB)
ICQ 10.0.38094.0 (55.47 MB)
ICQ 10.0.38922.0 (52.5 MB)
ICQ 10.0.39237 (52.14 MB)
ICQ 10.0.39427 (52.18 MB)
ICQ 10.0.39516 (52.2 MB)
ICQ 10.0.39800 (52.35 MB)
ICQ 10.0.40338 (59.42 MB)
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